Sta. Rita Hills Pinot Noir in LA Times Magazine

I came across an enticing article about Santa Rita Hills Pinot Noir this morning in the Los Angeles Times Magazine. The article, written by Clos Pepe vineyard manager and winemaker, Wes Hagen, is an ode to the grape that has, in many bigs ways, earned Santa Barbara County its status as a world-class wine region.

Hagen does a great job of highlighting all the splendor and allure of the wine industry.

"My 15 years in the Santa Rita Hills have given me insight into the climate, soils and rhythm of the growing season. It certainly is one of the only ways a SoCal boy can feel connected to the passing seasons. Winter is mellow and quiet. Spring is spent on edge, watching the frost alarm. Summer is a flurry of farming and canopy management. And fall provides an old-world test of stamina and strength, as we pick fruit all night and spend our days in the winery crafting the vintage."

Enjoy this Sunday read.

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