Taste Around the World with Pierre LaFond

This week, on July 7, I attended Pierre LaFond Bistro's Passport to the World of Wine event, which takes place on the first Wednesday of each month.

The restaurant designates half of its indoor dining area to put on the event, where pourers fill glasses with an array of five different wines and delicious apertif-sized pairings lay out for all to enjoy. Each one has its own theme-- this time, it was Pinot Noir: California vs. France.

Guests revel in Pinot Noirs, making sure they sample the array of fine food pairings.

There are a few reasons I recommend this event for both wine connoisseurs and those simply looking for a buzz-y treat:

  1. The price. At $25.00, the event is an excellent value. For the price of about two drinks at any given bar or restaurant, you get to sample five full glasses of wine-- with as many re-fills as you want. And great food.

Even if you're not into obsessing over the stuff, the price should give you reason enough to just go and enjoy some vino and fancy confections.

  1. The wine is pretty good. This particular event had attendees sipping David Bruce's 2006 Santa Cruz Mountains and Mandolin's 2008 Monterey on the California side, with a2007 Louis Latour Chassange Montrachet and a 2007 Nicolas Potel Gevrey Chambertin as the French contenders.

At the end, a brown-bagged wine was poured for guests, giving them the chance to win a bottle of the mystery wine if they guessed its grape correctly.

  1. It's educational. Tasting wines side-by-side in this manner is the best way to learn. This event is a good way to do it.

  2. It's easy. While most attendees come in groups or pairs, I went alone and felt totally comfortable. I met nice people--some there to talk about the wines' nuances, some there to simply have a good time.

You may choose to sit down at a table or stand and mingle. You can come late and leave early or spend most of your evening there. It's a good place to start a night on the town or relax after work.

Overall, I recommend checking it out next month or any month thereafter.

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