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The evolving story and commentary on the Zaca Fire by Independent staff and our readers -- please join the conversation.

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More Zaca Fire Time Lapse From Brian Lockett

If you missed the earlier time lapse videos, watch the first entry in this Bulletin Board. Brian provides more time lapse photographs in video format of today's dramatic smoke-cloud formations.

Stories from the Fire

If you have an anecdote or story you'd like to share about the Zaca Fire that you think others would be interested in, post it here.

Thanking the Firefighters

Let's show our support for those who've put their lives on the line by adding your note of aprreciation.

How Much Info Should the Public Know?

A few days ago I got criticized heavily by a number of the public agencies for the article I wrote (Aug 10: Fire Command Considers Burning Out Backcountry) because they felt it was too sensational and scared people.

Pruning the Comments

Some items you may have missed about the Zaca Fire, from our readers.

Here's what it looks like

Time lapse photography by local Brian Lockett captures the Zaca Fire power and scope. New video added August 13.

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