Here's what it looks like

One of the great difficulties for those of us hugging the coast, is difficulty in visualizing the enormity and scope of the Zaca Fire -- most of the maps, if they have any discernible reference are populated with place names unfamiliar to most.

It's also hard to fathom the power and size of the forces involved, so deep into the wilderness runs this blaze.

That's why my mind was blown when I ran across this video by longtime local Brian Lockett.

Take a look:

Zaca Fire from Broadcast Peak, August 4, 2007

The series of photos was taken August 4. with the resultant action sped up 125 times. According to Brian:

"On Saturday afternoon, I drove up Refugio Road to West Camino Cielo to photograph the fire and observe the air tankers. I set up my digital camera near Broadcast Peak. It has a built in intervalometer. I set it to take pictures every five seconds.

"I was fortunate to capture the fire during a period when it rapidly expanded and sent up several energetic plumes of hot air, capped with pyrocumulus clouds."

Brian's bio he sent is modest but illustrative: "I am a photographer. I have lived in the area for nearly thirty years. I run the Goleta Air & Space Museum." I found no definition of "intervalometer" there, but plenty of other cool items demonstrating Brian's passion for flight and photography.

He made another time-lapse series August 9, which is described as "nowhere near as dramatic, but it illustrates how the fire activity has subsided since last weekend."

Thanks for the context, Brian.

Here is the latest time lapse series from Brian, dated August 12:

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