The End of Trump Is in Sight

Trump and Pence: If One Resigns, Should the Other Be Impeached?

The world is a dangerous place not because of the people who are evil but because of the people who don’t do anything about it.
—Albert Einstein

Donald Trump was like a monkey, the higher he climbed the more revolting were the parts he exposes. His ingenuity of self deception was seemingly inexhaustible. Trying to reason with him was impossible since there was never any reason in him to begin with. Getting him to understand complex issues was like trying to sew buttons onto jello.

Trump became president because he was a master of the boring-killing business. The good news is, as Napoleon said, “When small men attempt great deeds they always end by reducing them to the level of their own mediocrity.” Thus, Trump’s days are now about to come to an end.

Starting next month we will see his rapid demise. Trump could not see a belt without trying to hit below it, and there was nothing scarier than watching his gross ignorance in action. However, his stupidity and pride will bring him down as quickly as he rose. His seemingly inexhaustible ability to lie and deceive his base is coming to an end. As the economy starts to weaken he will finally be cast aside. His game plan of “when you’ve got them by their wallets their hearts and minds will follow” will no longer be operational.

Trump’s strong suit has always been his systematic organization of American hatreds. However, congressional oversight and the Mueller investigation will easily deflect whatever xenophobic defenses he tries to put forward to protect his tottering regime. He will be out by this summer. Most likely he will make a deal to protect himself and his children and son-in-law from going to prison by resigning his presidency. This, then, brings us to the next critical issue facing our Republic. Getting rid of the 48th Vice President of the United States, Mike Pence.

Striking at the branches of evil is useless unless you also strike the root. The Vice President was not only a willing enabler of treason against our country, but in many cases, its actual spokesman. His lending his name and good office to Trump’s perfidy made the historic lies and betrayal of our country he preached palatable to far too many.

Pence’s defense will be that he didn’t really know what was going on. However, facts don’t cease to exist because you don’t know about them or ignore them.

A wonderful adage from the Middle Ages sums up Pence’s predicament: “He who sups with devil has better have a long spoon.” Repeatedly, our Vice President went before countless public gatherings and willfully repeated his master’s lies. He did so with great enthusiasm, putting his reputation and good name behind the treasonous actions of his leader. If he truly didn’t know that Trump was dirty, then his zeal without knowledge was the sister of folly, and it’s time for him to pay the price for aiding and abetting this political criminal.

Leaving Pence to guide our ship of state would be an obscenity. It would signal to the world that we’d learned nothing with our near brush with democratic suicide. It would allow the same, corrupt, mischief to continue in our capital. It would reward a man who was one of the most effective spokesmen for the Benedict Arnold of our day.

Therefore, it is incumbent for all of us who have worked so hard to stem the tide of Trump’s evil poison to work just as hard to get rid of his cohorts, and that begins with the removal of Michael Pence!


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