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Bishop Tutu Calls for a Return to Human Rights

Desmond Tutu is not a reticent man. This is unsurprising-as a religious leader and one of the foremost human rights advocates of the last 30 years, he has given endless speeches, talks, and interviews, in addition to writing seven books and countless sermons and essays. What is perhaps a little surprising, however, is his unflagging good cheer; recently he spoke with me from 6,000 miles away in gray Belfast, and yet it felt as though at any moment he might reach across the Atlantic, grab me by the shoulder, and shake some sense into me.

Hellish Halloween

Mayhem arrived as scheduled in Isla Vista last weekend as Halloween stretched over three days that featured roadblocks, heavy drinking, costume ingenuity, and well-deserved overtime pay for police.

Slick and Slide

Santa Ynez rancher Slick Gardner-wild-horse rescuer turned animal abuser-was back in jail last week for violating the terms of his probation.

Gate Swings Closed

The Gifted and Talented Education program (GATE) in Santa Barbara was blindsided by controversy last week when three executive members of its district advisory council resigned. Angered by district coordinator Sandy Robertson’s perceived financial wrongdoings,

Bad Luck for Big Cats

Two adult mountain lions were killed on Hwy. 101 last week in separate traffic incidents. On Wednesday, an adult cougar was run down while crossing the freeway near Dos Pueblos Canyon in Goleta; early Thursday night, the second was hit on Hwy.

Planning for Growth

After careful survey of every inch of university-owned land suitable for new faculty, staff, and student housing, a UCSB planning committee last week approved a comprehensive housing plan that includes a 536-unit complex of apartments, lofts, and townhouses on Ocean Road.

Damn the Man

More than a hundred people turned out Tuesday at the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History to provide public comment on the October recommendation by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) to demilitarize the “No-Otter Zone” south of Point Conception.

Santa Barbara Gangsters

Thick aromatic smoke from burning sage leaves settled over the salon of La Casa de la Raza as a Chumash elder smudged the crowd gathered for this year’s Cinco de Mayo festival. Teenage girls in red, white, and green dresses from the Alma de Mexico dance troupe hurried purposefully to the stage. Small children played on the floor under mysterious murals of eagles eating snakes.


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