Marriage Rights

I would first off like to say that I am 12 years old and not gay but that does not stop me from having an opinion. I also feel strongly about the issue of Prop 8. I have for a long time felt strongly about this matter, because family and friends in my life who are gay are denied the right to marry.

Has it ever been told to you by a 12-year-old how stupid and idiotic it is that someone be mistreated so badly that there are rallies everywhere for it to be changed? You might be thinking, “Well, what in the heck can a 12-year-old girl do to stop this?” or “Why in the world is she writing this?” But I know that what I do can possibly help all those poor men and women who are being told, “You aren’t allowed to love anyone because you love a girl and you are a girl!” It is totally stupid.

It is bad that this is even having to be brought up by a 12-year-old. I understand more than you would expect. My wonderful friends who are inspiring (not pressuring or telling) me to write this have taught me so much, along with my family. Something I’ve learned is that you can’t just sit back and let it slide, you have to stand up, take charge, and fight for what you believe in and this is something I believe in.

Like I once read on a picket fence made by a man who had wedding plans until you guys came in and told him it wasn’t OK: “If marriage is so sacred, why don’t you ban divorce?” Well, what a concept, let’s do that too. Let’s just make it as difficult as possible for me to grow up and marry the person I love.

It infuriates me even talking about how badly treated all the wonderful people are. Also, do you want your children to not love? I hope you will take to heart what this young, determined girl has just written to you.-G. Hernandez

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