Is Diablo Canyon Holding Strong?

World Business Academy Wants PG&E to Test Welds


Santa Barbara’s World Business Academy has petitioned the Supreme Court to safeguard Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant. Attorney Kirk Boyd said that because of the plant’s proximity to earthquake faults, Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) should test welds embrittled by radiation. PG&E spokesperson Blair Jones stated that Nuclear Regulatory Commission documents gave Diablo’s welds a clean bill of health to 2033. Unit 1 is slated to close in 2024. Diablo also conducts pressure tests and in-container robotic ultrasound views of the welds. A public meeting takes place in San Luis Obispo to discuss Diablo’s 2017 safety results on August 28, 6-8 pm., at the Embassy Suites hotel (333 Madonna Rd., S.L.O.). More information can be found at

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