Capitol Letters

How Kavanaugh Fight Will Shape California Politics and Policy

Kamala’s Star Is Rising, While Kevin de León Misfired

Kamala’s star is rising, while Kevin de León misfired. Read story.

HBJ’s Historic Gender Equality Bill Signed

But Faces Uncertain Future

But it still faces an uncertain future. Read story.

DiFi’s #MeToo Moment

Why Feinstein Chose to Keep Kavanaugh Sexual Assault Letter Secret

Why Feinstein chose to keep Kavanaugh sexual assault letter secret. Read story.

HBJ’s High-Impact Legislative Session

Behind the Scenes with the State Senator

We went behind the scenes with the state senator. Read story.

Charter School Crusader Fights Unions in Bid for California Schools Supe

Tuck’s Rough Treatment by Dem Activists Reflects Dynamic of Campaign

Tuck’s rough treatment by Dem activists reflects the dynamic of the campaign. Read story.

Poverty the Shame of Santa Barbara

New Data Shows Rate in America’s Riviera Among Worst in California

The data shows the rate in America’s Riviera is among the worst in California. Read story.

Dem Activists Spurn Voters in Making U.S. Senate Endorsement

Party Backs Kevin de León, Who Lost His Own District to Feinstein in June 5 Primary

Party backs Kevin de León, who lost his own district to Feinstein in June 5 primary. Read story.

An Issue-by-Issue Look at November’s Ballot Measures

Cutting Through the Fog of Political Warfare

We’re here to help cut through the fog of political warfare. Read story.

GOP Launches California Gas Attack

Republicans Aim Prop. 6 Tax-Repeal Initiative at Multiple Political Targets

Republicans aim Prop. 6 tax-repeal initiative at multiple political targets. Read story.

Steve Poizner Seeks Redo As a Nonpartisan

Ex-GOP Insurance Commissioner Has Already Made History

The Ex-GOP insurance commissioner has already made history. Read story.

Who Really Won and Lost in Last Tuesday’s Primary?

The Behind-the-Ballot Campaign Awards

A few behind-the-ballot campaign awards. Read story.

Subs and Substance

On TV Hill, a Show Behind the Show Ushers In the Face-Off over Salud’s Seat

On TV Hill, a show behind the show ushers in the face-off over Salud’s seat. Read story.

Villaraigosa Competes for 2nd in Hopes of Dem-on-Dem Runoff

But Developer John Cox and Orange County Assemblymember Travis Allen Are Gaining Ground

But developer John Cox and Orange County Assemblymember Travis Allen are gaining ground. Read story.

California Republicans Fear Avowed Anti-Semite Might Carry Party Label in Senate Race

'Grand Old Nazi' Seems Fitting

'Grand Old Nazi' seems fitting. Read story.

Sex, Lies, and Video Shape Final Weeks of Primary Race

27 Candidates Scrape and Claw to Succeed Governor Jerry Brown

27 candidates scrape and claw to succeed Governor Jerry Brown. Read story.

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