For the third straight year, the Santa Barbara Independent presents its annual Homes & Gardens special section, a roundup of profiles, advice, and insight into what makes our developed and cultivated landscapes thrive. This year’s edition looks at a tiny home built by high schoolers, the history of adobe construction, how to make your yard look like Lotusland, and much, much more.

Ben Greenberg, Graphic Designer

Name: Ben Greenberg

Title: Graphic Designer

Describe your job for folks out there. I’m a graphic designer for the advertising production team. I design and touch up the ads you see in the paper, and I get to create new art all the time. It’s absolutely awesome! I’m still pretty new, but I’m learning so much every day.

What’s something about the Independent our readers might not realize? I don’t think the average reader has an idea of just how few people make up the Indy. They may see a 100-page issue that was created in a week and assume we have a huge team, but it really is just a tight group of great people doing what they’re passionate about for the community they love.

What do you do when you’re not busting your hump at the office? When I’m not here or freelancing, I like to listen to and make heavy music and play with my dog, Auggie (also pictured), and, after a rough week, I like to be a lazy couch potato.

In Print

Selected stories from our weekly newspaper.

Posting Bail for S.B. County’s Undocumented ICE Detainees

One Hometown Organization Helps Keep Residents Out of Detention Centers

How Anahi Mendoza and a Santa Barbara County organization help win bail for residents in ICE detention centers. Read story.

Mental Illness and Criminal Justice in Santa Barbara County

Who Is Crazy and Who Is Insane in the Jails and Courts and on the Streets

Who is crazy and who is insane in the jails and courts and on the streets? Read story.

DANCEworks Presents Doug Elkins’s ‘Kintsugi’

Performance Is Full of Relentless Imaginative Variations

This performance is full of relentless imaginative variations that are the company’s lifeblood. Read story.

DANCEworks’ All-Star Reunion

All Resident Artists Return for 10th Anniversary

All resident artists return for the program’s 10th anniversary. Read story.

Foodie Awards 2018

‘Santa Barbara Independent’ Presents Ninth Annual Ode to Eating Out

The ‘Santa Barbara Independent’ presents its ninth annual ode to eating out. Read story.

Santa Barbara Racers Chase Land Speed Records

Glory and Defeat Are All Part of the Game

Glory and defeat are all part of the game. Read story.

The My Lai Massacre’s Santa Barbara Connection

David Obst Helps Get Seymour Hersh’s Explosive Story to the People

David Obst helps get Seymour Hersh’s explosive story to the people. Read story.

The Life and Work of Seymour Hersh

Pulitzer Prize–Winning Journalist Pens Memoir

Pulitzer Prize–winning journalist pens memoir. Read story.

Little Free Libraries Thrive in Santa Barbara

Neighborhood Book Exchange Fosters Reading and Community

Neighborhood book exchange fosters reading and community. Read story.

Read All About It

From Little Free Libraries to Reading Lists to Interviews with Literary Luminaries

It’s all about the printed page — from Little Free Libraries to an Indy staff reading lists to interviews with area literary luminaries. Read story.

‘Indy’ Staff’s Reading Picks

Books We Love — From Mystery to Romance to History

The books we love — from mystery to romance to history. Read story.

Land of the Talking Dead

Santa Barbara Spiritualism Then and Now

Santa Barbara Spiritualism then and now Read story.

After-School Activities Guide 2018

Check Out All There Is to Do When Class Ends with Our Complete Listings

Find just the right activities for kids ages 2-19 to participate in when class ends, including dance, arts, education, social groups, sports, and more. Read story.

Top 10 Tips for Fixing State Street

Experts from Across the Country Offer Advice on Improving Santa Barbara’s Main Drag

Experts from across the country offer advice on improving Santa Barbara's main drag. Read story.

Viva la Old Spanish Days Fiesta 2018

The Complete Guide to Fiesta 2018

Use S.B.’s complete guide to this year’s Fiesta celebration to make your plans, from parades and performances to food, music, and more. Read story.

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