Commenters at The Indy website are:

Adept at avoiding Godwin's Law. 1% 2 votes
Always grinding an ax, riding a hobbyhorse, or goring someone else's ox. 25% 33 votes
Erudite, highly intelligent, and definitely above averidge. 4% 6 votes
Happy to state the obvious in case anyone missed it. 3% 5 votes
In need of a return to 2nd grade to learn how to stay on-topic. 13% 18 votes
Largely composed of marine mammals. 4% 6 votes
Surprisingly dim despite their mastery of 10-finger typing. 13% 18 votes
Unapologetic Santa Barbarians. 3% 5 votes
Undaunted by facts or statistics. 28% 37 votes
130 total votes
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