City of Carpinteria Supports Year Without War

The City of Carpinteria approved a proclamation recognizing 2020 A Year Without War at the City Council meeting on 6/23/14. The vote was unanimous with one committee member absent. Carpinteria joins Lompoc as the first two cities with proclamations supporting this growing global community dedicated to ending war for one year.

“The City of Carpinteria has a long and noble history of supporting organizations that foster peace and harmony through dialogue and conversation in settling disputes. The Carpinteria Community has given sons, daughters, fathers and mothers to defend freedom around the globe as honorable war veterans,” declares the proclamation, in an important step towards building global awareness of the goals of 2020 A Year Without War, a nonprofit group with over 5000 followers in 90 countries.

Professor Joe White, founder of 2020 A Year Without War and chair of the Department of Philosophy at Santa Barbara City College, expressed gratitude to the City of Carpinteria for their support. “It is an honor to have the City of Carpinteria coming on board supporting 2020AYWW. Our proclamation campaign has just started and already Lompoc and Carpinteria have passed proclamations. AYWW invites the world to come on board and support 2020 A Year Without War,” he said.

2020 A Year Without War has also received a Certificate of Recognition from Santa Barbara County 2nd District Supervisor, Janet Wolf, and a proclamation of support from the First Congregational Church of Santa Barbara, United Church of Christ. 2020 A Year Without War is pursuing proclamations from all governments, all churches, and all related organizations such as peace organizations. The organization will continue seeking proclamations from around the world through the year 2020.

2020 A Year Without War is non-partisan, non-religious, non-pacifist, not anti-military, and not a peace organization. The group is endorsed by Veterans for Peace, the Center for Global Dialogue, Santa Barbara City College Foundation, The Humanist Society, MINDS THAT MATTER radio on AM1290, The National Veterans’ Association, Peace Crane Project, Nuclear Age Peace Foundation, and Beacon of Hope for Afghan Children’s Society.

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Luella Engelhart, PhD
Public Relations Coordinator
2020 A Year Without War
Cell: 908-619-3434

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