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- Halloween Safety Tips -

SANTA BARBARA, Ca. October 28, 2014 – Everyone wants to have a safe and happy Halloween for themselves, their guests and especially their children. The Santa Barbara County Fire Department reminds people that there are many ways to keep your child safe on Halloween and offers the following Halloween safety tips:

• Though it can be difficult to find flame-retardant kids costumes, avoid shaggy or hairy costumes that have a tendency to catch fire more easily
• Costumes that are bright are easier to see at night
• If a child has a mask, make sure it does not restrict vision or breathing
• For younger kids especially, put a name tag with phone number and address in case they are found separated from others
• Give your kids glow sticks or rings, flashlights, or put reflective tape on their costumes to make them more visible to you and drivers

• It’s best, especially for younger kids, to trick-or-treat before its dark outside
• Keep kids in groups
• Keep kids within your eyesight
• For older trick-or-treaters: if they are out without parental supervision, know where they are going, keep in touch throughout the night and agree on a time for them to return home

Home decorations
• Spray decorations with flame retardants if possible
• Do not use open flames; use battery-operated candles for jack-o-lanterns or other decorations
• If using dry ice, keep out of reach of children
• Inspect candy before children eat it; if it’s not wrapped, throw it away.

The Santa Barbara County Fire Department hopes that these safety tips will help you have a fun and safe Halloween this year.

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