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Help us make the PBJ-1J Fighter Plane fly again!

We are F1L (Foreigners and one Local) a group of eight marketing students from Santa Barbara City College. We are a group of six Scandinavians, one Brazilian and then we have our local. We are competing against our classmates to raise $1000 to restore the PBJ-1J WWII fighter plane so that we can see it fly again. That is where we need your help! Our groups focus is the fuel and lets face it, without it the plane can’t fly!
Here is little information about the PBJ-1J and its progress that can be found on the Caf SoCal website that is linked below. The PBJ-1J “Mitchell” flew into Camarillo from Midland, Texas in April, 1993. After inspection, the aircraft was put into our long restoration process. We are now starting to put the aircraft back together. It will be some time before our PBJ-1J is up and flying, but we’re sure that day will come!
The PBJ-1J restoration team has been working diligently on restoring the aircraft. When finished, this “Mitchell” will be as brand-new as it was when it came off the assembly line.
It is anticipated that it will be painted in the colors of a Marine Corps PBJ-1J, and it’s name will be “Semper Fi.”…/our-aircraft…/north-american-pbj/

If you want to donate or watch our video then please visit our Indiegogo page, here is the link:

All donations will be tax deductible and we greatly appreciate all donations.

If you are interested in seeing the PBJ then you can visit the Restoration Hangar at Camarillo Airport. It is open:
Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m.

Thank you for keeping this piece of history alive!

This is us, F1L standing next to the PBJ-IJ. From top to bottom, Sara Nillroth, Emma Carman, Victoria Nasberg, Julie Nataas, Paul Nemerishin, Luis Postiglione, Johan Mauritzon and our eighth member is Daniel Mossberg who is not in the photograph.

Here it is, the PBJ-IJ Mitchell Fighter Plane. Now let’s make it fly!

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