PRESS RELEASE / ANNOUNCEMENTS Thursday, February 8, 2018

Volunteer Dirt & Debris Removal Services for Montecito

Montecito homeowners who need help can contact the following number to obtain volunteer
assistance to help clean up and recovery your home after this disaster.

Services Offered:
1. Removing mud from inside the house as directed by the homeowner
2. Potentially performing more major house demolition/mud-mitigation approved by the
3. Removing mud from yards (external to the house) and clearing debris
4. Assisting the homeowner move, remove and store assets, even find missing assets or
perform general cleanup not involving moving mud.
5. Other needed services - call and discuss your needs
Information we need from you:
• You and your home’s contact information and availability - as you have to be onsite
during the work
• A site survey, and explanation of any issues we should be aware of before working on
your home
• Confirmation that you’ve filed for FEMA assistance and that your insurance company
has assessed your property damage, before we begin any work
These volunteer services are provided and coordinated through Santa Barbara County VOAD
and the following local stakeholder organizations:
• Habitat for Humanity Santa Barbara • Calvary Chapel Santa Barbara
• Mormon “Helping Hands”
And, in collaboration with these national organizations:
• Team Rubicon


Call – 805.692.2226 | Email:

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