PRESS RELEASE / ANNOUNCEMENTS Tuesday, January 30, 2018

SBUSB Death Threats

WHO/WHAT:​ Parents, staff, students, and community members protest the failure of SBUSD and
the Sheriff’s Department to take seriously the death threats made against several students at San
Marcos High School and Santa Barbara High Schools.
WHEN:​ Wednesday 1/31/18 at 3PM
WHERE​: On the sidewalk outside of the SMHS roundabout entrance
WHY​: PODER believes the recent death threats made against students at San Marcos High School
and Santa Barbara High School are extremely serious and pose a danger to the campus. Furthermore, the incident exposes a culture of toxic masculinity and misogyny within the student body and within our community, which must be addressed thoroughly and urgently.
The Sheriff’s Department and the Santa Barbara Unified School District reviewed the instructional video created by male students from SMHS on how to kill “thots” (a slang, derogatory word for a woman, similar to “ho”). They also reviewed the private chat room titled “list of thots that need to be eradicated” where those male students identified specific students at their schools whom they would like to kill. Astoundingly, the Sheriffs and the district determined there was no physical threat to any students. We have heard reports that their communication with parents of students who were threatened has been slow, haphazard, or non-existent. Their plan of action is unclear to all involved.
We stand with the high schoolers are who are being gaslighted and being made to feel like they are blowing this situation out of proportion and that their fears are unfounded. Their fears are legitimate. This was a hate crime. We remember the victims of the misogynistic murderer Elliot Rodger and we remember that red flag warnings like this were ignored by the Sheriff’s Department weeks before the Isla Vista massacre took place in 2014.
We call on the school district to accept the fact that this is not going to go away or be swept under the rug. Rape culture and violent toxic masculinity are alive and well at SMHS and it is past time the adults do their part to change that in a thorough and ongoing way.
We call on the parents, staff, and students to take action. In doing so you will not only be acting on behalf of your own children but for a safer community now and in the future.


Candice Perez (949) 527-0010

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