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Slanted Land

"For Your Word"


Genres: Alternative, Folk, Indie, Jam

Sound description: Vividly inventive. Driving, intricate bass, kickin’ drum beats, ripping trippy guitar, and raw, shadowy-angelic lyrics.

RIYL: Audacious and heartfelt indie rock & roll.



After years of rocking and performing with various bands locally, nationally and internationally as individuals, the members of Slanted Land have joined forces to lay down counter culture grooves and melodies. Locally, Slanted Land has rocked the stage at Euphoria Hookah Lounge, Westside-A-Palooza at Oak Park, the Lunacy Stage at the inaugural Lucidity Festival at Live Oak Camp and at SOhO Restaurant and Music Club.

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2011, Santa Barbara, CA


Beck, Ani DiFranco, Grateful Dead, Alanis Morissette, Tracy Chapman, Sia, Brian Eno, John Cage, Bob Dylan, Pink Floyd, kabbalah, and so much more!

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We jam and we have fun.

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