Kai Sushi

738 State Street,
Santa Barbara, CA

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Owner Chef Kaz Sato

Introducing Shabu Shabu to Santa Barbara
An Exeptional Healthy Meal, and Fun Way to Dine.

Beef or chicken cooked in broth with tofu and variety of vegatables dipped into chef unique sauces.

Patio & Indoor Dining

Catering Available

A New concept for downtown location. Kaz again brings his traditional dishes and new ideas for everyone to share and enjoy.

is a pot of boiling water used to cook food at the table. Paper-thin slices of marbled beef or chicken are cooked by dipping them into a pot of simmering kombu (kelp) broth for few seconds. To Japanese ears shabushabu is the sound made when one swished the meat in the broth the morsels of meat are eaten with either a sesame-flavored sauce (tare) or citron flavored sauce (ponzu). Other ingredients such as tofu, cabbae, chrysanthemum leaves (shungiku), scallions, and mushrooms are simmered in the stock as well.

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