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Headless Household

"Blur Joan"


Genres: Americana, Avant-garde, Jazz

Sound description: Unsound

RIYL: Music

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Now in its 29th year, the new music combo slices across genres and pursues better living through eclecticism. Their new double-disc album, celebrating the band’s 25th anniversary (a year late), is Basemento (one disc leans “inside,” the other “outside). Guests include Julie Christensen, Glen Phillips, Nate Birkey, David Binney, Tom Buckner, harmonica wizard Tom Ball, and more… Previous alums in this millennium were the more jazz-primed Blur Joan (2005), and the slightly less eclectic post-Polka (2003), on which the departure point is the polka genre, with elements of rock, punk, funk, zappa, nino rota, charlie parker, and other flavors. another one (or two) is/are in the works presently.

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1983, Santa Barbara, CA


Jazz, rock, moody pop, faux folk, Americana, Europeana, Braziliana, freedom, noise, antics

Current status

This year, the band is working on its ninth album, an all-ballads project, and gearing up for its 20th (sorta) annual Xmas concert at Center Stage Theater, in early December.

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