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Kelp plays modern surf music and traditional classics from the heyday of the surf scene. Coming out of the garage above Rincon Point in April, 1996, Kelp has played up and down the California Coast. Like the mix of songs, a mix of traditional spring reverb with modern digital enhancements and stereo amplification gives Kelp a big and thoroughly modern sound. Influences range from the inimitable Dick Dale and Paul Johnson to modern bands such as The Mermen, The Insect Surfers, Brazil 2001 and Savage Republic. Phil Dirt of says: “Kelp’s sound is digital reverb drenched, intelligent, and hungry. They dominate listener attention with numerous changes like you might expect in prog, but not in surf. There’s no doubt about the surf imagery, or the fast double picking trad basis, but their hard left turn at the jetty has given them a unique and strong sound.”

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1996, Santa Barbara, CA

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