Pop & Rock

Tyrone Wells Solos at SOhO

Singer/Songwriter Wooed Audience with Heartfelt Set

The singer/songwriter wooed the audience with a heartfelt set October 7. Read story.

My Morning Jacket Stops in S.B.

Drummer Patrick Hallahan Talks Creating Music and Learning to Listen

Drummer Patrick Hallahan talks creating music and learning to listen. Read story.

S.B. Musicians on the Rise

Check Out Some of the Newest and Best Bands in S.B.

Check out some of the newest and best bands Santa Barbara has to offer right now. Read story.

Erisy Watt Moves West, Makes Music

Folk Sews Musical Roots in S.B.

The folk singer and Cabin By the Sea series founder sews musical roots in S.B. Read story.

The Olés’ Reggae Resolve

I.V. Genre-Hybrid Band Ready to Take the West Coast

The Isla Vista genre-hybrid band is ready to take the West Coast by storm. Read story.

Azeem Ward and His Magic Flute

UCSB Student and Internet Meme Tours the U.K.

The UCSB flautist and Internet meme tours the U.K. Read story.

Randall Sena: Lompoc’s Music Man

Singer/songwriter Creates Dramatic Power-Pop and Thoughtful Soft Rock

The singer/songwriter’s record, ‘A Form of Prayer,’ is a beautiful collection of dramatic power-pop and thoughtful soft rock. Read story.

Layovr Introduces “Trop Rock”

S.B. Band Infuses Classic reggae with ’80s Rock Shredding

The S.B. band infuses classic reggae with ’80s rock shredding. Read story.

Me & Dinosaur Delivers Blues-Rock with a Twist

The Favorite Live Band Bridles with Energy

These live favorites bridle with true up-and-coming energy and untapped potential. Read story.

The Dylan Ortega Band’s Country Soul

The Teen and His Band Buck New Country, Like Classic Sound

The teen and his band buck today’s pickup-truck-and-girls lyrical trends, choosing classic country sound instead. Read story.

The Blues and Greys

S.B. Band Woos with Dark, Indie Pop-Rock Sound

The S.B. band woos audiences with its dark, indie pop-rock sound. Read story.

Iration Releases ‘Hotting Up’

Latest Record Blends Reggae and Punk

The I.V. band’s latest record blends reggae and punk more than on previous albums. Read story.

New Noise Music Festival

The Seventh Annual Event Takes Place October 15-18

The seventh annual event takes place in downtown venues October 15-18. Read story.

Fernandio Viciconte Comes to Seven Bar

Portland Singer Triumphs Over Health Concerns With Warm New Album

Portland singer triumphs over health concerns with warm new album Read story.

Scientist and Dylan Judah Say Hello, World, to UCSB

KCSB’s Welcome Weekend Expands Horizons with The Lions and Cornerstone

KCSB’s welcome weekend expands horizons with additional sets from The Lions and Cornerstone. Read story.

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