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Posted on July 25 at 10:39 p.m.

Totally astonishing. These comments.

Most all anonymous. Bad grammar; rampant misspellings. Pathetic lack of information. Facts garbled. Petty squabbles.

These don't belong in a newspaper. Good thing they aren't.

I am amazed the Independent publishes anonymous comments. People venting their spleen. Yuck.

For the record; I am proud of Kevin Costner; and grateful for his boats. Bravo! He has made a true contribution.

I worked on the Santa Barbara oil spill as a student at USC. We all left campus. I was here for 2 weeks cleaning birds and mammals. I will never forget it.

Bravo Kevin. He remembers; and has put his money where his mouth is. Unlike the ridiculous negative commenters on this article.
Thanks to you positive ones!

Yikes! last time I am looking at comments!

On Kevin Costner Plays Heroic Role in Gulf Disaster

Posted on July 23 at 11:17 p.m.

How unbelievably lovely!

another reason we are so blessed to live here!


On Cute Creatures

Posted on July 23 at 11:09 p.m.

I contend that he is a hero!
Excuse me! Keeping the fish alive was not "acting like a sensible investor".
I know him; he cared about the fish and the animals. He cares about the trees! I walked the property with him. He didn't know if he would end up getting it. He paid for replacing the pumps. The koi would have been cooked within hours. I was there.

No! That is a very cynical approach. No "just an investor" cares not about fish. Seriously. HUH? Who cares about the fish? That is going to affect the value of 17 acres? Ridiculous! He CARED!!!
He has a heart. And he cared about Val Verde. He did not buy it to sell it. He bought it to save it. I was there with him. He ended up selling it to the person who owned the "pool house". Lovely that those two buildings are reunited. How sad that someone who calls himself "ValVerdeLost" would not hail him as a person who did, in fact make sure "Val Verde" was NOT LOST!!!

It was a falling-down wreck. Seriously neglected for many years. The gardeners who had lived there for two generations had stayed for months after they were no longer paid. Because they cared for the plants and the animals. My own gardener is cousins of those families.

He is a hero to me! Is "ValVerdeLost" going to contact the government bodies who can investigate? I hope so! I would like to help!
I assume this person cares?
I do!
I donated money I am sure was misused!
I would like to help if I can!
Penelope Bianchi

On Life and Times of Val Verde

Posted on July 23 at 10:38 p.m.

123abc is a living breathing example (I am assuming this is a human)
of why I think anonymous comments should not be printed.

I am not in charge; so they are! If he/she had the courage to print his/her name; maybe we would hear something worth hearing.

I am sure those bulldozers; not to mention the chemicals used to suppress the fire; have contributed to massive loss of habitat for the arroyo toad.

Let me say: maybe some people don't think saving the arroyo toad is important.

Every animal in the chain is important. We are fouling our own nest. This is one of the many " canaries" in the coal mine.

Forget "natural selection"! That was when nature was natural. Species evolved. Before humans reached the "fouling our nest" DERBY!!!!!!! We have no time for that!

WE will be extinct! And the arrogant disregard of the "Arroyo toad" is just one example.
How can I reach Dr.Sweet?

I have a pond. And I am next to a 44 acre nature preserve with a creek running through it! I am a "certified National Wildlife Federation backyard habitat" . I have an adjacent neighbor who has 45 acres. All together we have 90 plus acres. with a creek and 3 ponds. Could we help? We use no pesticides, disturbances....perhaps the introduction of these toads would be possible!!

I volunteer!

On Counting the Days for the Arroyo Toad

Posted on July 19 at 12:07 a.m.

Hi! I was actually there when Mr. Grishen bought Val Verde at the auction. 4 weeks before the auction; the pumps failed.....the landscaping water and the pond water with the koi were shut off. Three weeks (at least) before he owned it; he paid to have the pumps replaced.....and he did save ; if not only the trees......(which were severely stressed) the koi and the aquatic animals which depend on the water features.
The landscape and the fish......were saved! The trees were on their last legs......and they are rebounding! Thanks to Sergey Grishin! I was there.....and I saw it!

In my opinion; there should be a criminal investigation into the board of Val Verde. This was operated as a "non-profit"! HA!!! It was a complete mockery of a "non-profit"!!

They borrowed millions of dollars. (14?)
They spent none of it on the property or the buildings. They were lining their own pockets. It is ludicrous.

Who is in charge of non-profits in the state?

Barney. Thanks for bringing this up! We should be demanding that an investigation start!

Thankfully; the "poolhouse" and the "main house" of Val Verde are reunited under a person who can afford to maintain them.....and wants to maintain them.

Sergey was an interim owner who wanted to "save" Val Verde from ruin. And we are very lucky he did. The landscape and the wildlife.....and the property were neglected sorrowfully by the bogus "Board".
All they did was pay themselves.....and rape and pillage the estate any way they could. And every dollar they collected (including mine) they used for themselves. The house was a sad disaster..completely neglected. They were setting up some ridiculous computer-generated tour ! Paying their friends to fool around with something which made no sense whatsoever. No one was overseeing any of this. The house was going to rack and ruin.

Their expenses were completely bogus. 14 million dollars........gone. Not spent on the house.....or grounds. Gardeners (three generations) not paid.....Tragic!

There should be an investigation!

Barney!! You go!!! Hooray for you!!

There must be a government body who is responsible for non-profits! This is the most egregious I could imagine!
Those of us who care about this treasure of a house and a landscape must thank Sergey Grishin for his role in saving it. No one else stepped up to the plate to buy it! No one else stepped up to pay for the new pumps to save the landscape and the fish and animals.
It is ridiculous that he is being sued.
I am grateful that he did what he did. Far better than anyone who was on that Board of a "Non Profit"!!
Penelope Bianchi

On Life and Times of Val Verde

Posted on July 12 at 12:44 a.m.

How truly lucky we are that the citizens of Carpinteria stepped up to the plate....and made the giant effort to buy the bluffs from the developer.

what a treasure they bought...and preserved for alll of us and our descendants!!!


Be sure to walk that treasure.....and bring your children and grandchildren...and telll them the story!

Then they can follow in those footsteps!

So many wonderful natural places are gone. Lost forever!
Praise to your children the ones that are saved.....and explain how they can continue to save them!
Help to teach our children how to save the places for wildlife!! That will help save the planet!

the Carpinteria bluffs is a perfect example of how a wonderful natural habitat can be saved!!

The seals...the plants....the birds.....and nature.......thank all of you so much for all your efforts to save them! AND YOU DID!!!!!!!!!

Penelope Bianchi

On The Call of the Carpinteria Bluffs

Posted on July 5 at 12:47 a.m.

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

On Naples News

Posted on June 25 at 1:27 a.m.

I am hoping that the anger quotient calms down soon. It is just seems like it is not constructive; in my opinion.

My comment is about a house constructed on Ashley Road in Montecito. It sounds similar to this. It is over 9,000 square feet; it has a garage for 7 cars; the landscaping will guarantee the death and destruction of at least 300 lovely old oak trees !!! Acres of lawn (within 2 feet of their trunks; and ferns and impatiens planted right next to the trunks)! Certain death........and soon!!!!!!!!! sprinklers everywhere! hitting the trunks of the specimen oaks!

The house is 100% glass. It is the most hideous and uninhabitable house I have ever been in. (I am 63 years old; and have been a decorator since I graduated from college in 1969!!!

Philip Johnson this is NOT! Not one intimate space. Not one place a human being could feel safe and warm.
It is a monument to ego and greed and lack of respect of nature. A travesty.

Why would the County approve this? Lack of money?

Why would the County not monitor this? Lack of money?"
I understand this.......however; it is a total tragedy and a total travesty.

You guys are the investigative reporters. Thank God for newspapers and investigative reporters!!!!!! Otherwise it is just about money. And all will be lost.

This travesty and rape of a beautiful 3 and a half acre lot in Montecito made me physically sick to my stomach.

I hope you will publicize it.

In the garage.......(bottom floor 4 million dollars worth of cars.) ICK!!! And 300 specimen 150 year old oak trees at risk of dying SOON! They will all be dead within 6 months if left they way they are.. Does anyone care? Does private property prevail?

Oh help!

On Supes Officially Rescind Approval of Ballantyne Mansion

Posted on May 31 at 1:04 a.m.

I would like to foster the dogs. Poor things.

Also poor things are the children. Not equipped to take the children. wish I were. who has the dogs? I think we could foster the dogs.......and find a home.


On Detectives Raid Second Alleged Meth House

Posted on May 28 at 12:31 a.m.

I love, love love, this column and article. I love swallows...and when I hear people who don't....I ask them to give my forwarding address to their swallows!

they eat mosquitoes...and no need to use pesticides....those swallows will gobble them up almost as fast as bats! It is so tragic that these birds....and those mammals are so misunderstood and so destroyed by people. They are our helpers in so many ways!


On Living with Swallows

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