In 1973, as a young real estate developer, Donald Trump settled out of court for refusing to rent to Blacks. In 1989, acting as judge and jury, he said five Black and Hispanic youths, known as the “Central Park 5,” were guilty of rape. He said they should be executed for the crime even after DNA evidence and a confession by the actual rapist had proven them to be not guilty. In 2018, while president, he referred to the continent of Africa as a collection of “sh*thole countries.” That’s not just how Trump talks, that’s who he is!

As a presidential candidate in 2015, Trump called Hispanic immigrants drug dealers and rapists. Ironically, he was justly convicted of sexual assault in 2023.

As president, he took innocent immigrant children (including toddlers and infants) from their mothers and imprisoned them in “tender-age detention centers” at the border. That act alone should disqualify this moral degenerate and racist thug from ever being president again.

Trump has repeatedly and unremorsefully violated nine of the Ten Commandments. The only possible exception is that he may have honored his father and mother. All anyone knows for sure is that he honored his father’s money. He claims that the Bible is his favorite book but could not quote a single passage or verse that he found to be personally inspirational. He has called himself “The Chosen One” and has compared himself to Jesus. Unbelievably, many alleged Christians still glorify this sacrilegious bigot.

A letter writer recently expressed concerns about “a senile, physically weak” President Biden and “leftist judges running roughshod over our justice system.” Really? Who said George Washington’s Continental Army took over the airportsin 1775? Who said COVID could be cured by injecting bleach? Who claimed he was at Ground Zero on 7/11? Who said that windmills cause cancer? Who said he’s “done more for the Black community than any other president, with the possible exception of Abraham Lincoln”? Who said the defense witnesses at his New York City trial were literally crucified? That would be the morbidly obese, modern day Caligula, Don “the Con” Trump.

As for judges and justices who believe the Rule of Law is conditional, one need look no further than Samuel Alito, Clarence Thomas, and Aileen Cannon. They are nothing more than Rethuglican politicians who proudly wear that label as a badge of honor. The sad truth is that DT, obedient MAGA zombies, and Trump’s black-robed zealots are the greatest domestic threats to democracy in the nation’s history.

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