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Get to Know FMLY BND

Isla Vista Electro-Rockers Are On the Rise



Hometown: Isla Vista

The breakdown: Mac Montgomery (vocals, guitar); Braelyn Montgomery (vocals); Erik Mason (synthesizers); Justin Huntsman (bass, electronic drums); Ethan Davis (drums, sampling); Al “GoldenBear” Valles (guitar)

The backstory: Boyfriend and girlfriend (now hubby and wife) Mac and Braelyn pen some pretty, folksy ballads, recruit some friends, discover the synth, and threaten to become Isla Vista’s next great musical export. Last month, the band released their debut Gold EP with a house party on Del Playa Drive. The event was promptly shut down by the Isla Vista Police Department after the band’s first four songs.

First impression: Huge-sounding, synth-laden pop that follows the Arcade Fire credo of “the more, the merrier.” Vocals are layered on top of fuzzed-out guitars and a heady mix of live and electric drums and synthy glitter. And the hooks? They’re about as earwormy as they come.

Kindred spirits: M83, The Killers, El Guincho, MGMT

Listen now: “Gold”

Hear it online at soundcloud.com/fmlybnd.


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