East Sushi & Thai

1208 State St.,
Santa Barbara, CA

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SUSHI: Tuna; Yellowtail; Salmon; Shrimp; Japanese Mackerel; White Fish; Albacore; Octopus; Eel; Smelt Egg; Scallop Creamy; Squid; Inari

SEASONAL: Oyster; Aji; Toro; Ankimo; Katsuo; Uni

HAND OR CUT ROLLS: Spicy Bay Shrimp; Tuna; Spicy Tuna; Salmon; California; Cucumber; Salmon Skin; Scallop; Spicy Scallop; Albacore; Eel; Yellowtail

DINNER ENTREES: Assorted Tempura; Chicken, Salmon and Beef Teriyaki

COLD DISH SUSHI BAR: Albacore Tataki; Tuna Tataki; Whitefish Usuzukuri

SAMPLER PLATE: Sushi Combo; Sushi Mix; Makimono Combo; Temaki Combo; Sashimi Combo; Sashimi and Sushi Combo; Sashimi and Tuna Roll Combo; Sashimi, Sushi and Roll Combo.

SPECIALTY ROLLS: Rainbow; Sunset; State; Crunch; Dragon; Alaska; Caterpillar; B.S.C.; Spider; Philadelphia; Shrimp Tempura; Yasai Tempura; Mexican; Ryoichi; Red Chili; Orange; California Tar Tar

APPETIZERS: Miso Soup; Steamed Rice; Oyster Shooter; Edamame; Hiyayako; Baked Green Mussels; Shrimp and Vegetable Tempura; Gyoza; Shumai; Dynamite; Soft-Shell Crab

THAI APPETIZERS: Chicken Sate; Love Shrimp; Treasure Bag; Golden Fried Shrimp; Golden Fried Vegetarian; Golden Shrimp

THAI SALAD: Papaya Salad; Larb; Yum Woon Sen; Namtok; Salmon Papaya

SOUP: Tofu and Glass Noodle; Tofu and Seaweed; Tom Kha Kai; Tom Yum Goong; Andaman Sea Soup

THAI A LA CARTE: Garlic Pepper Tofu; Stir-fried Mixed Vegetables; Sweet and Sour Chicken; Chicken with Cashews; Garlic Pepper Chicken; Thai Spicy Beef; Spicy Calamari and Shrimp

THAI NOODLES: Pad Thai; Asian Spaghetti; Pad Kee-Moa; Pad Se-Yew; Pad Woon Sen

THAI FRIED RICE: Thai Chicken-Fried Rice; Pineapple-Fried Rice with Chicken or Shrimp; Singapore Shrimp-Fried Rice; Thai Spicy Beef Fried-Rice; Thai-Fried Rice with Shrimp or Crab

THAI and JAPANESE CURRY A LA CARTE: Japanese Curry; Ruby Curry; Pineapple Curry; Jade Curry; Massamun; Panang Curry; Panang Mussel Curry; Killer Shrimp; East Curry; Broiled Salmon Curry

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