Das Williams (left) and Ron Paris.

Catherine Meagher

Das Williams (left) and Ron Paris.

Downtown March Promotes Peace, Diversity

Determined Handful Tries Spreading Message of Equality to State Street

A woman driving a car alongside the walkers in a peace procession organized by activist Ron Paris and gave the event a blaring soundtrack, but she got pulled over not even three blocks into the march. Officer Robert Casey issued the driver a ticket for the large sign blocking over half the windshield. Paris, City Councilman Das Williams and fellow marchers met at the corner of Anapamu and Garden streets and headed up State Street with their signs and songs, even picking up some like-minded people along the way and bringing the total of participants to about ten. Paris is an advocate for diversity and racial equality. “There’s no such thing as neutrality on diversity,” Paris said. This is the third annual peace march he has organized. He also visits universities around the country to deliver lectures and share his music.

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