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I had just finished praising the Santa Barbara Independent to my husband …

Armchair Warriors

Mr. Paul Driscoll travels back in time to the 1880s where he gets drawn into a dinner conversation with a man who considers himself to be something of a “virtual” patriot.

Conception and Life

How ironic that you would run a photo of Norma McCorvey in the Voice “Threats to Roe v. Wade.”

Literacy Is a Human Right

Like 20 percent of the population, I was — and remain — dyslexic, but the nuns in my elementary school were well-schooled in the art of teaching reading.

Bully in the Pulpit

One of the most damaging impacts of having Trump in the White House is that he has given license to public expressions of hatred, and something never before so prevalent, sheer political hatred.

Registering to Vote

As a trained participant in a voter integrity project, having students register at the online Secretary State Office is not fake but brilliant.

Don’t You Think …

A cover story giving implicit approval to astrology is just plain irresponsible.


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