Remember Enron

Have you wondered about Governor Romney’s 59-point plan to perk up the economy? Well you should wonder and you should beware.

For just one example, under “Cutting Red Tape” he would amend Sarbanes Oxley. If you have forgotten, Sarbanes Oxley strengthens accounting standards and offers other investor protections. It was passed in 2002 in order to stop the flood of corporate scandals, which included fuzzy math and accounting. Think Enron, Tyco, and World Com.

Governor Romney would like to bring back the free wheeling, uncontrolled, greed-fueled corporate world which his party’s policies supported to bring on our current recession.

And by the way, Sarbanes Oxley is named after its sponsors, Senator Paul Sarbanes, a Democrat from Maryland, and Representative Michael G. Oxly, a Republican from Ohio. Remember the good old days when the parties would work together to solve our nation’s problems?

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