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Posted on October 9 at 10:11 a.m.

And as to the "golden retriever" comment, the reason you never hear about a golden retriever attacking a human is because the minute a golden retriever attacked a human, it would instantly and magically morph into a pit bull when the story was reported by the media.

The media prejudice against pit bulls has been studied and documented. Google it. Dogs involved in unfortunate violence are identified as a "pit bull" even when it is obvious that the dog is another breed. The media is quite responsible for creating public hysteria because of outright irresponsible reporting. Intelligent people don't fall for it.

Here is an ASPCA article about it:

On Pondering Pit Bulls

Posted on October 9 at 10:01 a.m.


Careful, your ignorance is showing!

Do you think that Dobermans, Shepherds, Labs, and Rottweilers should also be forcibly sterilized and put under breed specific legislation? Each of these breeds was either bred to be a "game dog" -- to hunt and/or kill -- or to be guard attacks that can potentially kill a human being. And these are just a few examples of dog breeds that have such traits.

It is not offensive to compare the discrimination of pit bulls to other types of discrimination. All discrimination is born of ignorance, stereotype, and prejudice. To single out traits in a pit bull that exist in other dogs, and state that because these traits exist in a pit bull they are inherently more dangerous or harmful, fits this definition.

ALL respected animal rights groups and veterinarian associations are against BSL, speak out in favor of pit bulls, and try to educate people about these wonderful animals. I would like to know what academic credentials you hold that makes you more of an expert.

On Pondering Pit Bulls

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