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Posted on May 14 at 4:35 p.m.

I read the story written by the defending law firm, as the story appeared on the PR Newswire, and noticed these facts:

"Strategically crafted motions in limine and a full week of 402 hearings resulted in all neurological, neurobehavioral and psychological claims being dismissed by the Court. All evidence relating to mycotoxins and poisons was likewise dismissed."

So that's how the defense "won" its case. The defending law firm simply made sure the jury did not hear the evidence!

The defense lawyers and the judge who ruled in favor of the successful motions to prevent the jury from learning relevant information deserve to be hung, drawn, and quartered. What a mockery of justice.

Hope the plaintiffs' lawyer did a good job in preserving the right(s) to appeal . . . It would be too bad if the plaintiffs' lawyer sabotaged the case by not doing so.

On Jury Reaches Verdict in Mold Lawsuit

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