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Posted on October 9 at 1:04 p.m.

Dog aggression kills dogs

Directly, when one dog kills another dog
Indirectly, when dogs on bite quarantine in the pound displace other dogs
Indirectly, when dog-aggressive dogs prevent their home from saving another dog, though fostering or adopting a homeless dog
Indirectly, when funds that could be used to help more adoptable dogs are squandered on much less adoptable dogs.
Indirectly, because first responders are increasingly more likely to kill a loose dog, since some have learned the hard way that pit bull behavior is not predictable. Since it has been shown that an adult human can be killed by a single pit bull, the "shoot first, ask question later" style is becoming more and more common.

No one, including the pit bull themselves, benefits from these abilities and instincts. Now that dog fighting is illegal, let these become extinct.

On Pondering Pit Bulls

Posted on October 9 at 12:51 p.m.

To EastBeach, who wondered about overpopulation/demand statistics. There are lots of rats and flies too; it doesn't mean that this surplus benefits anyone. It simply shows that many are reproducing.

Forget the empirical evidence that pit bulls are the best at doing great damage when attacking a pedestrian (Shashi Bali or Margaret Salcedo) or an unsuspecting child climbing on a jungle gym (Javon Roberson). Even if only other dogs were the victims of pit bull attacks, why would anyone who truly cares about dog welfare want dog-aggression to be a continuing breed trait? Every pit bull website states that dog aggression, even with early socialization, is a common pit bull instinct. Instinct means no training required. Some websites recommend that responsible pit owners acquire and practice using a break stick, with which to pry open their pit's mouth, to free the other dog.

I can't find any purebred pit bull breeder (APBT, AmStaff, SBT) website that states "we only breed dog-friendly dogs" or "None of our dogs are dog aggressive." The exact opposite is true: Some pit bull promoters state proudly: "Dog aggression is what makes a pit a pit" and "pit bulls are the gladiator and the warrior" of the dog world.

I work with animal rescue. The only puppies that we placed that grew up and killed their housemate dogs were pit bulls. The dogs' couldn't help themselves; they simply did what they were created to do: kill a dog.

Spend some time visiting pit chat rooms and read between the lines on pro-pit websites. When a pit promoter suggests that pit bulls need a strong/dominant owner, you need to ask, "what happens when the pit escapes and doesn't have that strong owner nearby to stop an attack?"

It is never the dogs' fault. Dogs do not understand human laws and don't have "morals". Dogs have no control over their breeding/heritage (purpose of breed: fighting), no control over their management/training (getting loose), no control over their sexual status (intact dogs are more likely to attack).

But that means it is up to society to take steps to prevent these attacks that we all know will happen again. Many pit promoters will continue to suffer from denial; others (neighbor humans and dogs) suffer from the terror and attacks that pits can inflict.

Free mandatory spay/neuter microchipping for all pits/pit mixes, all dog aggressive dogs. Let the "masters of mauling" gradually become extinct. If a non-pit is misidentified, no problem, she gets a free spay.

On Pondering Pit Bulls

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