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Posted on March 22 at 11:12 p.m.

For disabled and handicap folks around here, its frightening to see the name "Matt LaBrie" appear in the news. As Chair of the Downtown Parking Committee, Matt LaBrie thinks nothing of charging against the handicapped illegally, and doesn't want to be confused with facts, argue, or be lectured.

LaBrie orchestrates siphoning religious non profit funds to the Philippines (where he was born), while bilking the American handicap that meets a foreign interest, contrary to domestic law.

Matt LaBrie selectively engages in dissuasive techniques, within government public participation, to not deliver "legal statutory exclusions" that provide to collect fees, fines and penalties against the handicapped and disabled for City parking.

What is not included in this article is that Matt thinks, "God is not a woman, doesn't believe gays should be in the clergy, or in distorting scripture to meet personal lifestyle preferences."

However, as Elder of Santa Barbara Community Church, and graduate from Westmont, Matt LaBrie imprints his capacity to apply 1 Corinthians 14:34-35 where as he casually presumes to be "outdated" - he would also likewise consider the Social Security Act SEC 42 USC 407 or CA DMV Code 22511.5 to the current legal code.

Matt LaBrie is known to blackball peers he doesn't agree with, surrounding his opposition to the matrimony amendment passed by the Supreme Court in 2013.

Charming, Matt LaBrie is fluent with language like, "sure to share the in the future," or, 'thank you for the well wishes,' and even, "steal a few moments." Will also emphasize to "see the Jesus in you," express "lifetime of friendship," and that "you're important."

LaBrie, whose pastors at Santa Barbara Community Church include brothers Steve Jolley, has brown eyes; and the co-pastor Reed Jolley has blue eyes. LaBrie's oldest biological son, named "Wade" has brown eyes; while his second (and last biological son), "Jordon," has blue eyes. Celebrity Paula Deen, incidentally, happens to have two boys also, where "Jaimie" has blue eyes, and "Bobby," brown eyes.

Yet, LaBrie barters his bona fide capacity to leverage agency resources as uncooperative in conflict resolution or agree with mediation, spinning local Risk Management for the City in quagmire. It is felt by "friends" that he doesn't seem to respect people for wanting to believe him, and appears deliberately defiant as means to cope with his personal denial and defeatism.

Between the Downtown Organization, as well as the Parking Commission, along with his access to Garden Endowment senior living environments, LaBrie draws attention to the liabilities his capacity represents against the Faith, his social network, and the various member agencies he's affiliated with.

The public shouldn't be mislead by the character Matt LaBrie represents, as he is proned to create the creep he tries to catch at the Downtown Safety Committee. Who was Adolf Eichmann?

On The S.B. Questionnaire: Matt LaBrie

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