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Posted on November 6 at 8:28 a.m.

Phyllis, you do exist, and ignore the comments by the trolls. You have suffered a family tragedy no one should have to face, but the man writing the article against the death penalty has suffered the same tragedy. Victims deserve a voice, but not the sole right to determine punishment.
Let's look at the facts.
The relevant factor to determine cost is per execution, not per death sentence. Those with death sentences who are never executed are, in fact, serving life without parole sentences. Since California executes one inmate every three years, only about 20 of the 725 on death row will be executed before they all die. Even now, three times as many convicts on death row have died of natural causes as have been executed.
Cost per execution, 4 billion/13 = 307 million per execution. But even cost per death sentence, 4 billion/ 725, is over $5 million per death sentence, which is highly unlikely to be carried out.
You say less than one percent of the CDCR budget goes to maintaining death row. What is your source? I haven't seen "death row expenses" as a line in their budget. Plus, of course, one percent of their budget is over $100,000, so the prison system by itself is spending $300,000 on death row per execution.
Gov. Brown says there are no innocent on death row, so it's a fact. If Gov. Brown said there may be innocent on death row, would that be a fact? There are mistakes made in convictions due to mistaken eyewitness testimony, or intentional or unintentional police or prosecutor misconduct. 75% of the convictions reversed by DNA were mistaken eyewitness identifications. Crimes without DNA left by the suspect are much harder to prove as innocent. A study of every homicide conviction in California over ten years showed that the highest rate of death sentencing occurs in counties with low population densities and a high proportion of non-Hispanic whites. Those who kill whites are over three times more likely to be sentenced to die as those who kill African-Americans or Hispanics.

On True Permanent Imprisonment

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