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Posted on December 21 at 11:07 a.m.

It is rather interesting that the Probation Department would make such a radical change to it's policies because a radical with an agenda and poor facts rattles his sabre. In fact, Probation has stonewalled ICE now and will not provide any assistance. I hope the residents of this county and especially Santa Maria are happy. Thanks to this radical and the cowardly Probation Department there will be more crime on the streets and in the schools from the illegal gang bangers. Good Luck Santa Maria!

If anyone wants the truth about ICE's policies and procedures they should call the local ICE office. You might be surprised to hear that they aren't ogres and out to break up families. However, we all know that will never happen because this is agenda driven and has nothing to do with the truth.

On Juveniles Put on ICE

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