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Posted on February 3 at 2:16 p.m.

I'm glad that SB is doing these sting operations. Several years ago I was hit by a driver while on a crosswalk on Cabrillo. The driver didn't stop, and I was lucky to have walked away from the incident. It was more than a little tap - I was a rag doll being tossed through the air. I never reported the incident. I pretty much fled the scene out of embarrassment (of all bizarre reactions to have - very similar to Dane Cook's stand-up about people being hit by cars!). Now of course I realize that I was in shock. I was either entirely lucky or had an angel watching over me.

As for the Milpas cross-walks...they're terrible and extremely dangerous! The city needs to do something about them. It's not just drivers that need more awareness. There are four lanes down Milpas and it's a very busy street. Just last week I was driving in the right hand lane, next to another car in the left lane who was a little over a car's length ahead of me. That driver suddenly slammed on the brakes, and thank goodness I did too, because there was a pedestrian crossing. My view was blocked by the other car! In the morning driving south down Milpas, one is driving into the sun and the shadows from the trees create a large contrast between light and dark; it's difficult to see people in the shadows! I'm all for cross-walks, but I think these ones on Milpas should either be eliminated, or have a light-up strip to signal that there's a pedestrian. I know the city has no money, so maybe they should just close the Milpas cross-walks down until they have the funding to make it safer.

On Police Cite 60 Drivers During Crosswalk Stings

Posted on December 15 at 5:26 p.m.

Holy crap! What sort of antiquated law is that????!!!? How have I never heard of this before? Am I getting this straight, SHE can't keep HER liquor license because of her husband's felony??? I'm going to go out on a limb here and guess that this law has mostly affected in female business owners have mostly been royally SCREWED by this. Um...I would go the divorce route, keep the rings on and family together under one roof, and keep the business with the liquor license. Who needs a piece of paper anyways??? And...I don't blame the husband for taking a plea deal. He probably did it to alleviate some of the stress on his pregnant wife, and to ensure that she wasn't going back into the slammer.

I don't think that business owners should be 'taking it in the behind' over grey areas of law. That's something that the City and the State should be working out BEFORE they start prosecuting people. That just wouldn't hold up in court.

I've seen Hortipharm in the newspaper a couple times over these past few years - quotes, pics, etc. It seems to me that they were the only dispensary willing to operate with a level of transparency and openness to the public. There are (or at least have been) other dispensaries that are awfully quiet and trying to fly under the radar, which to me is when they start to seem a little sketchy. Why be in the shadows if you've got nothing to hide?

On Pizza and a Beer, Hold the Beer

Posted on November 21 at 4:42 p.m.

I don't think the author is glorifying criminals, let alone this one. It's a story more than anything else, and a story told from an inmate's perspective - a voice not usually heard outside the prison walls. I found myself curious and sucked in to reading the story. I do feel some sense of sadness for the man. I can see that he's a deep-thinker, a reflector, which I imagine is somewhat easy in prison - plenty of time to think. He shows some remorse, but he also appears to show some sort of pride in his misdeeds. I feel sorry for him, sorry that he can't command his own demons, and that he took his life that could've been full of opportunity in an opulent community and instead trashed it, dashed his parents' hopes and dreams for their child, and all for a few moments of excitement and glory. And he did it repeatedly. I'm sure he'd continue to do it if given the chance again. It's commendable that he's doing some positive. Sadly I think his memories and longings for the waves serve him better in prison than they would outside. Sometimes our memories are more colorful than the reality, especially when it's all that's left. It's better that he works on beauty rather than destruction.

On Surfer, Robber, Writer, Lifer

Posted on November 21 at 3:58 p.m.


"It’s funny now, if you are looking to smash down everything that made America great in the last century, from public education to fair taxes to unions, you are called a conservative. But really, you should probably be called a radical because you are the one that is trying to smash down what we have built up."

On Leftism on Point

Posted on August 19 at 1:20 p.m.

What a wonderful program! There is hope out there yet!

On People-Powered Hope

Posted on July 29 at 10:56 a.m.

Sounds like a long 'fun' night. I almost fell out of my chair when I read that she'd be receiving 18 months of her salary as part of her termination deal. ~$300,000 for getting fired? Holy hell am I in the wrong business!

On Serban Placed on Leave of Absence

Posted on May 23 at 1:46 p.m.

What a feel-good story! Such a cute bunch of kids and I'm sure it was an experience they'll never forget.

On The Trip of a Lifetime

Posted on May 19 at 12:06 p.m.

I love it! Thanks Nick for the dose of humor.

On Mayor Files Lawsuit to Block End of World

Posted on December 15 at 10:41 a.m.

Um, if your family calls 911 on you (and who else would it have been out in the boonies calling the police?) then they are obviously afraid of you and I would assume for good reason (since family typically knows each other fairly well). Have you read other reports? Another report says the deputy was immediately attacked when she approached the front door. So for those of you screaming along the lines of, 'unprovoked police power on this poor man's own propery,' you are way off. This guy is obviously a lunatic. And since there's so much speculation going on, I'm going to hop on board too. Sounds like a classic meth incident to me - a drugged-up son showing up on his parents' doorstep. As for the possible 'murder charge.' This will be figured out once they've established his intent as best as possible. It probably won't be murder, but some sort of 'assault with a deadly weapon' or something. Have you seen a police taser? They have the same shape as a gun. So shooting a police officer in the face with it could have been intended to have a more malicious outcome. Of course the police officer responded with fire. She was attacked and her other weapon to disarm Mr. Crazy was obviously not available.

On Ventura Man Tazes Deputy in Face

Posted on November 19 at 10:42 a.m.

Bravo young Travers! Bravo. Don't lose that loving feeling.

On Surf Addict's Journal

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