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Posted on February 22 at 5:35 p.m.

"It’s the first such renovation for the theater in decades..."

Has it already been "decades" since the most recent renovations? According to one online source, it has been two decades since the seismic renovation began in 1993, and only 13 years since the most recent renovation began in 2000. Hard to believe those beautifully remodeled bathrooms are going to be remodeled again, and yet another new ventilation system installed. Here's what was done during the two most recent renovations:

"Undertaken in three distinct phases, the state-mandated seismic renovation of the Lobero Theatre began in 1993, cost over three million dollars and took more than four years to complete. General Contractor Schipper Construction led more than forty subcontractors through each step of a complex process that minimized actual downtime to the theatre's operations and in some cases even took place in daytime hours while shows ran at night.

The bulk of the seismic renovation included structural improvements and strengthening such as grouting of hollow clay tile walls and replacement of brick infill shear walls with steel reinforced concrete. But there were operational improvements as well. Four new lighting ports were added to the front of house lighting positions; the control booth was expanded to over three times its original footprint giving us three separate rooms for lighting, projections, and sound; the scene dock was expanded by 5 feet; the rear rehearsal room vestibule area was enclosed; the dressing room wing was renovated and made wheelchair accessible; new heating and air conditioning systems were installed; and an orchestra pit was carved out of the area beneath the front of the stage. As a result, the Lobero is now bigger, roomier, more comfortable and more functional than ever and there's a fresh coat of paint on just about every square inch of the building.

The Preservation Project Capital Campaign goal of $3,000,000 was met in December 1996. Over 4,600 gifts from this generous community were received to reach that goal. On August 19, 1997 the City of Santa Barbara's Redevelopment Agency forgave the $468,000 loan for the seismic work.

In 2000, the Lobero Theatre Foundation embarked on an ambitious plan to renovate the most fundamental aspects of any theatre's infrastructure: the lighting, rigging and sound systems. In consultation with the local firm of Norman Russell Design, as well as structural engineer Peter Higgins, and electrical engineer John Maloney, we have replaced our "original equipment" (state-of-the-art circa 1924) 3-line hemp rigging system with a 7-line T-wall counterweight, and partially motorized winch driven system. This system will provide more versatility in show installation while also increasing crew efficiency and safety. In addition, we have replaced our nearly 25-year-old dimming system and patch panel with a combination of high-density dimmer-per-circuit system and intelligent moving lighting."

On Encore Lobero Fires Up Remodel Campaign

Posted on November 9 at 7:44 p.m.

Since cats are not able to lobby for themselves, those of us who love them and wish to support their best interests need to lobby for them. De-clawing a cat is inhumane, so banning the procedure is our best defense toward protecting these wonderful creatures from the partial amputation of their digits. Children do what children do. Dogs do what dogs do. Cats do whatever it is in their nature to do. As mature thought-processing adult human beings, we need to make sure that when we bring these animals into our homes it is to love and cherish them, in sickness and in health, for better or for worse, and for as long as they live. They were not put on this planet to serve us. As their guardians it is our duty to protect and care for them, do our best to train them, fully appreciate them for who they are, how they express themselves, and for the love and joy they bring into our lives.

On Declawing-Manicure or Mutilation?

Posted on May 22 at 7:47 p.m.

If my memory serves correctly, the 1990 Painted Cave fire raced down the mountain, crossed Highway 101 in just 40 minutes, and destroyed 500 homes and businesses. That would make response times of 34 minutes by air support from one of California's Forest Service air bases, or 4 hours from Santa Maria airport disastrous to any fire that could potentially cost home owners, insurances companies and taxpayers the millions of dollars that the recent fires have cost. Taxpayers are paying for battling these horrific fires after they get out of control. Why not use that money instead to better support fire response and suppression infrastructure before the fires happen?

On Air Base Anxiety

Posted on July 13 at 10:27 p.m.

More evidence that the NP is a worthless piece of trash! Who does Wendy and Travis think we are? And they wonder why I don't renew my subscription.........

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