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Posted on August 31 at 12:19 p.m.

The point he's making is that what USADA is doing is not acceptable and unbelievable, regardless whether Armstrong doped or not. The manner those charges were brought up is like medieval justice where you don't have legal means to defend yourself. At least that should be clear if we want to pontificate about how clean sports should be from doping. Now, the upcoming book by Hamilton may deepen the rift 'cause that will not resolve the issue how USADA goes about punishing dopers. They already decided to strip Lance of all TdF titles, how is that even possible without due process and verification by UCI? USADA's arrogance is appalling. That is glaring and obvious. So, if we want some justice on this issue we should first demand organizations such as USADA respect our Constitution and the law. So far we've seen none of that. Therefore, charges against Armstrong, if need to be considered, can't be considered in this environment. Let's clean USADA first.

On The Lance Armstrong Case

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