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Posted on July 2 at 4:51 p.m.

Thomas, you aren't telling the truth, and I think you know it.

The “undiscerning public” knows polygamy is still Mormon doctrine and is codified in its scriptures. And Mormon men may have more than one wife in heaven. Women, of course, are forbidden from having more than one husband.

And seriously, “certain ethnic groups were excused from holding offices in the church.” “Excused from holding offices"? No, they were DENIED participating in important rites that assured exaltation. The Mormon church has at the local level, a lay ministry. Every "worthy" male holds the priesthood. But Blacks, of course, weren't worthy and were denied that by the racist LDS church until 1978!

And “every individual has the basic freedom to choose the direction and nature of his or her beliefs.” Sure, but you better step in line if you want to be with your family in heaven. (And you better cough up 10% of your income, or no "eternal family" for you!) And you can't get a temple recommend (essential to entering the temple and receiving essential ordinances) unless you sustain the president of the LDS church as a prophet, seer, and revelator; unless you pay 10% of your income; and unless you follow your local leaders.

And your biggest lie of all: “Mormons eschew engaging in a battle of doctrinal supremacy with other religions.” Hogwash. Thomas, please tell us, what is the ONE TRUE CHURCH on earth, in Mormons’ view?

You lied, Thomas. Shame on you.

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