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Posted on May 21 at 5:35 p.m.

I was out there today and found some troubling behaviors' by the park rangers, sheriff's and other responders working the area. They do not want the public to see all the equipment laying around without being used and the hoards of workers hanging out. One ranger [ I wish I had seen his name ] could not answer my questions on whether the spill was under control because he was busy riding his car up and down the street looking for constituents walking the sidewalk. This ranger thought it best for me to get my news from the Internet because according to him these were the best pictures even though I live here and I am at the sight. What I did see were a few boats, 2 maybe 90ft' boats and several 30'. The area looked nothing like the pictures on the Internet of the oil puddles and disturbed wildlife. I am not saying we shouldn't care but why can't we see the work they are doing when we can stay out of the way. I am also highly suspicious of the traffic jam caused by closing the HWY unnecessarily. At the crux of the spill they have been able to finish their work without closing the HWY why now that the 'worst is over' do they have to make a traffic jam? I suspect these workers will have a very nice Memorial Day Weekend enjoying our beautiful coast. If that is what Emergency Taxpayer money is best used fo then we are doing a very Good job!

On State of Emergency Declared for Refugio Oil Spill

Posted on March 5 at 5:44 p.m.

The SB City resident population is approx. 89k and the County population of approx. 400k. We have 2 of the largest higher education colleges in California with a combined student population of approx. 60k and the area has 5 other adult schools with approx. 30k. This is a college and tourist town; 80% of the workers are p/t with the remainder working in mostly education and or health industries. The rental owners own 1 - 4 properties of either single homes, 1 -4 or 5- 12 units. The issue is with the high student population is that the landlords have found it more lucrative to rent to students at maximum rents. Because of the high rents students are exceeding the occupancy rates, there is high wear and tear on the properties plus the City infrastructure of which the landlords are not paying the appropriate fees; the extra use of roads, sewer, trash and noise pollution. Where I see a problem is the fact that the owners receive single family home benefits on their rentals in lower interest rates, possible tax benefits and the community paying for the upkeep and excess use of infrastructure. The rentals are being run like a hotel operation and should pay commercial rates.

On Good Laws Make Good SBCC Neighbors

Posted on November 17 at 8:42 p.m.

Good points on Measure S Jarvis Jarvis. Yes the marketing efforts reveal the bad management going on at SBCC and the city politics that allow it to continue. Also this is not one of the top ten colleges in America. SBCC has a Santa Barbarian on the agencies board who probably helped choose the school. Any school that takes an avg. of 6 years to complete the AA degree cannot be a top 10 school. In addition, to all the other sub par stuff that goes on at the school with teaching, student accomplishments/ award of completion rates, diversity and student attrition rates. SBCC is not the worse but not a top 10 either. My opinion is they took away a value added service by removing the community component for adult learning; that was a community service that I see no valid reason why it was taken away.

On City College Mending Fences with Neighbors?

Posted on November 6 at 4:09 p.m.

This is not an Us vs. Them issue. The issue is why are you messing up your house? What confounds me is the area has many oil jobs but not that many. I could see this happening in oil States - we are not one of them. We are the land of Hollywood Dreams, some food items, education and future techy stuff...mostly service jobs. What happened to ALL the other people who live here?

Let us not forget this article is now being run by the Independent yet in October they wrote another article saying No to P. What is this a 'just in case we were wrong' article?

On Oil Industry Polluting Ventura?

Posted on November 6 at 4:01 p.m.

Good points Davy and Morganville. I still am dumbfounded that this area has so many people with degrees and P lost. Are they thinking??

On Oil Industry Polluting Ventura?

Posted on November 6 at 3:59 p.m.

blah blah when you and your family contract some bad 'stuff' from what we dump in the ocean or worse our resources are depleted beyond repair well then you will still be able to drive your Prius Out of Here!!

On Oil Industry Polluting Ventura?

Posted on November 6 at 3:56 p.m.

according to the county voters there is nothing to worry about. the oil and gas companies will always complete their work in an ethical manner for the mutually good of all.

On Oil Industry Polluting Ventura?

Posted on July 9 at 6:45 p.m.

There is more to the SBCC accreditation issues than the ousting of Dr. Serbann. And, now they've brought another drone aboard. No wonder Mr. Haskal and Ms. Blum voted her in...hopefully she will not turn out to be exactly what they bargained for. It is best for SBCC to stop the way they have Always done things. Because the old ways do not work. I am skeptical of any article that tries to tell me this president's business acumen mostly rests on being able to close a 1.5 million gap [ with her friendly hugs ] when she now faces 15 times more than that in the budget gap. And, Mr. Friedlander has always been a wretch under a rock...I wonder how short a leach this new president will have to keep him? If it was not because I care where I live and for my community I would like not to have to think much about this bunch. Unfortunately, to be a productive, caring member of my community I must be involved. As should Everyone else! A 15 million shortfall and these idiots paid off a financially sound college president for $250k because they did not want to work with her. Sometimes I wonder did the SB community go silent with this action because like Penn U they have an inclusive belief system? They live and work with these people so why rock the boat? I read the Penn U bio and see many similarities with SBCC. I am outraged by the actions of the SBCC leadership!!

On Hug Me, I’m a President

Posted on July 29 at 10:31 a.m.

Keep writing...this board shows what underlies the people of SB. I am HAPPY Serban is gone for her well-being. Santa Barbara was going to ruin this woman's career. The college trustees were not upset with the results from Serban's work. The board was upset because Serban turned out to be a capable leader who stood her ground and increased the college profits of her own abilities. Unheard of! all the while bringing respect and diversity to City College. Shame on ALL of you. A most embarrassing day for SB. Please make sure to jot this down accurately in the city history journals.

On Serban Placed on Leave of Absence

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