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Posted on March 16 at 9:40 a.m.

Large mixed use buildings work in cities that have jobs where the pay scale is inline with the cost of real estate. Santa Barbara is not one of these. This type development will only provide more $10.00hr service jobs and a hoard of people commuting from the north and south to clean condos,water potted plants and mow and blow rooftops. Welcome the coming of second home owner haunted houses or worse, converted time shares. Eat,drink, flush, pose and go home.

On Height Fight on Chapala

Posted on March 15 at 10:36 a.m.

What a great way to go, getting shacked, then eaten. Beats having to deal with the "Great White Sharks" that mold our minds, run our country and our board rooms. I think I'll hang with Ed and his friends, much safer. He's done nothing to my family for 6 generations of sharing his ocean. Maybe he fancies imported meats.

On The Fear Beneath

Posted on December 14 at 4:14 p.m.

This is just a first wave of McCaws, the one that created our monster is moving here with his latest creature .Will the sandbox be big enough ? Seattle go home!!!!

On <em>News-Press</em> Motion to Delay Trial Against <em>Indy</em> Denied

Posted on October 11 at 3:44 p.m.

It is becoming apparent that the insurers, doctors, drug companies and hospital business models are to milk all the wealth from the middle class baby boomers and the increasingly plump incoming generations.

The only real health insurance left is developing wellness programs that address our own self indulgence. At work, home, schools, churches, everywhere.

There is no "health sliver bullet" it's not in a pill, it's not in a supplement, or some exercise gizmo, diet, workout or some airy fairy mumbo jumbo cult practice. It's food, movement and attitude. Making small changes to your unhealthy habits over the longterm. Choice is free!

We are in this alone, it's that simple. No one is coming to save us, not politicians,science, doctors, drugs, space aliens or even god. If we become a healthy society, insurance rates will drop or the model will change. As it stands now our lifestyle is very profitable for everyone in health care and it's big business. Heck, just look at their stock sector.

Your point on joining the uninsured is interesting, maybe if everyone stopped paying insurance premiums for 1 year, something might happen.

The bottom line, we eat too much, sit on our asses, bitch and point fingers. An old 60's anti establishment cry sums it up best, "todays pigs are tomorrows bacon"

oink, oink

On How the Health Insurance Crisis is Ruining Antiques Roadshow

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