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Posted on October 13 at 11:26 a.m.

Most of these unfortunate souls require assistance. I do believe that the businesses in the Milpas area are suffering from both the daily and not infrequent hostile interactions with some homeless and the decrease in business that comes with the territory. This decrease in business hurts not only the business owners but really depletes our quality of life-.i.e.- avoiding the lower Milpas area altogether, the ball field, and even the waterfront. My thoughts are that most of these folks need assistance and as a result we should make it easier for them to access social services and medical care. Therefore, an effective and humane solution is simply to have Casa Esperanza work with the city and county and relocate the shelter right near or at the county social service complex on Calle Real. That way, mental health and medical care is easily available. Social services can provide service right there. The county psychiatric health facility can provide emergency inpatient care for those who require it. Also, police services are right there also if needed. There are no businesses in the immediate proximity of that complex and not very many homes. If a truly needy person would want help, they could acquire assistance there away from business and away from the very tax productive tourist industry that our South Coast so heavily depends on.

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