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Posted on April 16 at 11:03 a.m.

Foofighter you live in a fantasy world. Only a SMALL percentage of the millions of Americans "easily pay $11 for a martini." Get out into the world outside bubble that you have managed to sneak into. For $11 many people are feeding families for the week because all they can afford is the stuff that is not "stand-alone quality" but mass produced get me to the next paycheck food.

On Santa Barbara Public Market Opens

Posted on April 16 at 9:15 a.m.

One cannot but be excited is such a breathless way that the indolent residents of "The American Riviera" can be served with such pampering. Especially when it carries the trapping of "real food" and healthy choice. Louis XIV would be proud of us. As for the working people and the poor, let them eat our left overs if they can't afford the best that we get to graze over. Maybe we can get a relationship arranged to ship day old stuff to the shelter--or is it already promised to the swap meet vendors?

On Santa Barbara Public Market Opens

Posted on April 16 at 9:03 a.m.

For at least 50 years LA kids have been coming up to UCSB/Isla Vista to party. UCSB knows this and a substantial portion of the students elect to come to UCSB (and SBCC as well) because they learned of it by such party events. What role UCSB has in this culpability is difficult to parse but clearly it is an institutional identity that the administration has not undone. Partly I think it is is due to the emphasis on graduate school academics and the giving up of any serious undergraduate discipline. This kid probably thought it a romantic and exciting quest to come from LA to party. Things "just get out of control" in Isla Vista and s**t happens. A more important test of whether he is a "punk" would be to look at any history of criminality. This incident alone does not take him that far.

On Teen Charged with Assaulting Officer During Deltopia Pleads Not Guilty

Posted on April 9 at 8:51 a.m.

Once again, please do not fall for the bait and switch SBCC used during the Measure V campaign. Promising to replace portables, renovate crumbling walls, provide air conditioning in classrooms, etc. They will use the money on whatever glamorous or politically connected purposes they choose such as stadium box offices or theaters or an art gallery or ??? They are not bound by President Gaskin's promises. Read the small print which allows a lot more than the ballot language if it is like Measure V's.

On SBCC Bond Measure on November Ballot?

Posted on April 8 at 2:13 p.m.

Ken--clearly it is you who does not understand how bonds work. These are to be voter approved bonds. They will be paid for by ASSESSMENTS on homeowner properties. They are not paid for by student revenue or admission to athletic contests or a raffle. When an assessment is paid by homeowners to the County Tax Collector it is then given to the college to pay the interest and principal on the bonds. This is a tax.

On SBCC Bond Measure on November Ballot?

Posted on April 8 at 10:05 a.m.

Another deception for sure. Measure V listed the sort of buildings and work that was to be done in the upfront language. This referred to information available elsewhere--like the minutes of the Board meeting. In those documents the bond was OK for much less academic stuff. Most of the money seems to have been used for the press box and athletic nonsense in the stadium. If they had money for this nonessential stuff they don't need it for the academic facilities which should have priority. Unfortunately, SBCC continues to see itself not as a COMMUNITY college but as a tourist destination for others, especially non-California and international kids whose folks can afford the high out of area tuition. I will not vote for this bond and be fooled a second time.

On SBCC Bond Measure on November Ballot?

Posted on March 24 at 10:25 a.m.

What an insight into the mindset of the UCSB administration. I am a leftist and pro birth control, abortion rights and other 'feminist' politics but this elitist and condescending foppery is pretty embarrassing. Dr. Young wrote this to UCSB staff to burnish his credentials with them. It caters to what he thinks are their prejudices and world views. But he needs to remember that the people who pay him are the residents to the state with a much broader view. They rightfully expect their employees to treat their views with respect and their right to be heard with the same.

On UCSB Administrator Issues Statement on Free Speech

Posted on March 14 at 10:17 a.m.

Waiving the spectre of budget cuts to the Sheriff and Fire Dept is not going to deter thoughtful folks. I hope we have some adults in the room who can understand we have been manipulated by fear to give these agencies unreasonable support, especially the building of the North County Jail boondoggle. I am inclined to vote for M on the basis that the county refuses to assist and fund less popular needs for services and agencies that don't have the political clout that "law enforcement" brings. Too much of our taxes are tied up in mandated uses, the mandates being put through by such special interests. They deny flexibility and attention to other needs. This is a mandate to fight back at this stuff.
PS Nice to know that "PCI" is apparently so commonly accepted as part of the language! Must be my age.

On Budget Talk Centers on Jail, Maintenance Measure

Posted on March 13 at 11:11 a.m.

What in the english speaking universe is a "PCI number" and why would an elected official use such jargon for public consumption. Are we all to adopt the latest bureaucratese in order to communicate with those given responsibility for our future? I honestly don't know why the reporter included this and what it means. Please offer a translation.

On Budget Talk Centers on Jail, Maintenance Measure

Posted on March 5 at 10:05 a.m.

Paying for the "pet project" new jail is to make the Sheriff and the associated employee groups (correctional guards and sheriffs deputies) happy so they will have jobs forever and contribute to incumbents and their chosen successors. The basic infrastructure stuff is so boring...much sexier to build a new something or other and then let it waste away when no one will pay for maintenance. Ironically the most sold out for this quasi corrupt process is the "liberal" faction who should be supportive of cheaper alternatives to jail such as more mental health beds, clinics and care givers.

On Maintenance Ordinance Dead on Arrival?

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