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Posted on June 9 at 6:55 p.m.

Well, the truth is, today I plugged in my electric car and used the energy from our house's solar panels to charge the car, then drove all over town.

The truth is we could pollute the environment a lot less if we used solar energy as much as possible.

On The Fracking Truth

Posted on June 6 at 7:08 a.m.

Wow, what an inspiring story!

I've been looking for a good deserving young person to help out a bit. I'm going to email right now and see how I can share some financial support to this amazing kid.

I wouldn't know and don't want to presume, but generally a full tuition scholarship does not pay full expenses. It looks like the economic reality may be that he will have to work many hours at a job during his college years just to pay for books, food, transportation, etc. when really, we'd all want him to be allowed to focus on his studies.

I hope that others who may have been similarly happy to read about this boy's early success would also like to chip in… together, we could substantially assist him and give him a community "rocket boost"!

On A Comet in Santa Barbara's Astronomical World

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