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Posted on April 14 at 7:27 p.m.

And while we're at it, why are half African-American and half white individual considered African American automatically?

I think I have darker skin than Beyonce, for example. The continued focus on racial differences while we are more and more merging races is just plain stupid.

On Petty or Prejudice?

Posted on April 14 at 7:18 p.m.

"The County DA decided to prosecute Miller-Young for enforcing a Regents regulation. Most likely the US Civil rights team will undertake an investigation as to whether race was a factor. The County has a poor record on fairness w/r to blacks. How many deputies or DA office staff are black? Recall the Anaconda, or the crackdown in IV after North Hall?"

Oh, this is rich. Really, really rich. A highly-paid (more than $100,000--I looked it up) public employee (with a small chanting mob) blatantly interferes with the free speech rights of two young women, calls them terrorists, doesn't mention (and obviously isn't acting on) supposed sign size trangressions, steals signs and assaults one young woman, and the DA decides to press charges because he/she is racist. Bwa-ha-ha-ha.

You can see in the campus police report their incredulity at this woman's actions violating the First Amendment. The DA has no choice. Look at the video. It is all that is needed--regardless of what may have happened before, and regardless of the belated series of excuses for the inexcusable that have been presented. Miller Young attacked the women because she disagreed with their message. End of story. UCSB should have suspended her immediately after reviewing the video and hopefully will fire her as soon as she is convicted.

Unless Mrs. Dover-Sharp is on the jury, god help us. She ignores the U's own regs about who has authority to enforce regulations. She apparently believes that no one should ever be upset on a college campus. She seems to have missed all the con law courses offered at UCSB and the civics courses offered in high school.

On UCSB Professor Pleads Not Guilty to Theft and Battery

Posted on April 14 at 7:01 p.m.

A major step backward for women, thanks to Professor Miller-Young--pregnant women just cannot ABIDE free speech and must be given special privileges like assaulting and stealing from teenagers.

Bull. Her suddenly-delicate sensibilities are somewhat incredible given her "academic" specialty of pornography.

And Mrs. Dover-Sharp--you are so far removed from reality and any understanding of the Bill of Rights that it's difficult to respond--did you watch the video? And no faculty don't have the responsibility for "enforcing regulations" like those surrounding free speech in the Arbor. Keep making up post hoc rationalizations for what is clearly a chilling of free speech and keep embarrassing UCSB.

On UCSB Professor Pleads Not Guilty to Theft and Battery

Posted on April 14 at 6:57 p.m.

Once-Proud Partying Culture?
"so eye-openingly awash in beer and live music and near-sex and adult-like freedom"

Not much adult-like going on in Isla Vista, sorry. And that "near sex" you thought so amazing? It's now called rape and assault.

Wow, this is written by a purported adult.

On The Death of Isla Vista?

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