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Posted on April 13 at 3:19 p.m.

No-one seems to remember how Dudley's friend and co-conspirator Salud Carbahal demanded something be done about the Jusitia fire. The D.A.'s office was pressured into proceeding with a flawed case against the two good Samaritans with a weed whacker. Our fire department tried to fabricate evidence by making sparks with a weed whacker that was seriously different from the one used. By good luck this was discovered in time to prevent a wrongful conviction. Apart from Vindicated, any sensible person would correctly draw parallels to our police and prosecutors actions in Lance and Denunzio. We have a serious problem that will eventually result in a wrongful conviction. Usually the district attorneys don't file cases where there isn't evidence adequate to sustain a conviction. Is that true of Joyce Dudley's office?

On Dudley Will Retry Denunzio

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