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Posted on March 18 at 10:55 a.m.

Actually Samblabababblebuttface (OMG I have resorted to name calling too!), you have made a number of assumptions about me, none of which I will address, but I will say am on the outside looking in regarding prop 13. This is why I stated that I think prop 13 should be reevaluated. I totally agree with your comment, but I am not sure at the age of 50 if you are set at all. I think you are about 10 years off (60) unless you were very lucky. The bummer about prop 13 is that many of our boomers are now on a set income and an abrupt change in property taxes might send a few over the side.

On Housing and Growth in Goleta

Posted on March 18 at 10:02 a.m.

The BAR is a joke. I am glad Darryl got his suspension reduced but this leads to the question: What is the penalty for being a crappy JUDGE? And also, will the big bad BAR every do anything to a crappy DA? I believe this is about the same likelihood as a the DA doing something about a crappy COP.

On Genis Suspension Reduced on Appeal

Posted on March 18 at 9:48 a.m.

Yes I would take the city's report as gospel. NOT! They have a totally slanted and biased viewpoint against widening. If they really want to get down to brass tacks why don't they take some of their tax money and fund a NON biased study with out any Montecito special interest groups spewing crap in their ears. Oh wait, that has already been done by Cal Trans. The whole left hand exit thing too is a complete farse! I have seen countless JackA$$ moves on those exits.

Build it! While this is happening, I would strongly suggest they get on board with Amtrak and work a schedule of commuter runs combined with bus pickups at the train stations. This may sound far fetched but I think a workable solution for Goleta and Santa Barbara. This may be an opportunity to fix up some mass transit infrastructure at the same time and bring us into the 21st century. Maybe even put in a second set of tracks.

There are two things which will get commuters to change: Time and money. With oil shale innovations, gas doesn't look to go crazy anytime soon. But this 101 widening thing will make commuting an even worse night mare time wise. I think train utilization is being ignored.

On 101 Fight Flares Anew

Posted on March 17 at 2:47 p.m.

Also with the addition of 1600 more units, Hollister from Cannon Green to Glenn Annie and the Glenn Annie-Hollister intersection, mark my words are going to become absolute and mostly constant grid lock. Maybe when business starts suffering because people are avoiding the place, someone will take note. Probably not. Margret if you really give a #$%@#$% then get up and do something about it.

On Housing and Growth in Goleta

Posted on March 17 at 2:39 p.m.

Botany brings up an excellent point: Taxes. If you get a 1,000, 000 house you will pay $10K a year till you die. Meanwhile Joe Schmoe down the street pays $1200 a year if they bought their house a while back. How is this at all fair? I think Prop 13 was originally put in place to keep budgets balanced and not let the government take advantage of home owners through excessive property taxes. Now it been perverted into a permanent penalty for anyone trying to get into the market while the "grandfather" people basically get a free ride in comparison. Hopefully someday this is revisited and things will become a little more balanced.

On Housing and Growth in Goleta

Posted on March 16 at 4:19 p.m.

Pure insanity/greed. The insane part on being stupid enough to do it over and over again. The greed by developers with little regard for living here. Some of them I believe live in the area and are quite philanthropic, but seriously who gives a #$@%@#$??. A drop in the bucket compared to what they make. As our quality of life is continually reduced, you wonder was it really caving into the state for meeting their quota's or was something else in the mix? Agreed this is pretty much over, Bishop Ranch is about the last spot left and I am betting it is built in the next few years. This will do nothing to reduce rents home prices, supply and demand ect.. They have you by the short hairs people. And mitigation? Please anyone show me a legitimate example of mitigation by a developer? It goes into coiffures and probably reelection campaigns never to be seen to actually improve life for someone already living here. Sorry but it is kind of a joke and I bet the developers are laughing all the way to the bank.

On Housing and Growth in Goleta

Posted on March 16 at 10:28 a.m.

What blows me away is all the developement currently out in Goleta. Riding down the freeway heading into town southbound as you look to your right. Condo after condo after apartment....3 stories. Did anyone think about the water when they approved these monstrosities? Traffic? Ok not try to hijack thread but what a @#$%$@ mess. The water meter moratorium in Goleta a while back was in much less dire circumstances. This is just ignoring reality.

On Water Rates Rising, Lake Cachuma Dropping

Posted on March 16 at 10:20 a.m.

Yes I am sure his mother is very proud of him and this picture that so clearly illustrates the type of individual he has become. I am a little confused, why he didn't also get a statutory rape charge? The article seemed to infer they also has a relationship as he would be the only one that "loved her". This would have given him 3 strikes?

On Convicted Pimp Sentenced to 38 Years to Life

Posted on March 11 at 12:14 p.m.

OMG $16 an hour! That is off the hook! So are these jobs with the city eliminated, or transferred laterally?

On Muni Golf Green Maintenance Privatized

Posted on March 5 at 1:03 p.m.

Really well done article about some good people. Thank you Indy.

On The Dons’ Amber Melgoza’s Full-Court Press

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