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Posted on July 31 at 5:38 p.m.

Those chiming in about recall need to educate themselves about the devastation wrought by Serban and stop believing propaganda spread by her minions. Talk to those deans who "left for another position" or "retired". They have some very interesting tales to tell.

The new board members are merely attempting to clean up the mess that marked this very nasty woman's reign of terror. As for the fat salary she will collect for the pleasure of seeing her depart, it's a small price to pay, considering what keeping her around would have cost.

I (and others who know her ALL TOO WELL for what she truly is) echo the previous sentiment:
"Ding Dong the witch is dead…"

On Serban Placed on Leave of Absence

Posted on May 25 at 12:53 p.m.

Yes, many of us stayed away for fear of Serban's methods of retribution toward those who question her abilities. There are countless negatives in this woman's "professional" manner and public presentation of herself. How she has hoodwinked such a sizable group of "supporters" to champion her is beyond belief. Oh yeah, she likes to dole out "favors", I almost forgot. She has her little club of informants who rat out anyone who speaks against "the queen". Serban is not to be trusted in any way, other than to promote her sorry self and her one-sided agenda. As for "love of SBCC", oh, please. This woman is completely out for herself and would dump the College at the drop of a hat, should she ever be able to get herself accepted anywhere else. Too bad about the Mt. Sac rejection. We had great hopes that she would be gone by now. She doesn't get along with the current new board members because they challenge her and demand accountability…unlike the previous sycophants who let her have free rein. The damage she has done is incalculable and she will not bend to any board directive for change in her procedures. Let's hope her evaluation is not quite stellar—but not bad enough that she couldn't get hired somewhere else.

On Extra Time Needed for Serban's Evaluation

Posted on October 24 at 2:31 p.m.

Comments by "sbccstudent" are right on. Serban has more underhanded dealings and questionable practices relevant to administration than you would even imagine. And what has this "board" done??? Nothing but collect their checks and enjoy their free medical.

They hired this pathetic creature and don't want to admit it was a huge blunder. Get rid of Alexander, Dobbs, Green and O'Neill and then work on the rest of the board when they come up for re-election. Hire a President who really can BE a President for students, faculty, and community. Take a look at the quality deans who have left SBCC: Endrijonas, Smith, Warren. Retirement? Better jobs elsewhere? Think again.

Serban and her cabal of staff informants and underhanded dealings don't seem to affect the board. They appear to believe everything she tells them (or doesn't tell them). At some point, I hope all her scheming and complete arrogance will be recognized for what it is: a very crafty, socially inept woman who by default got the nod for President.

Vote out the incumbents and send a message. With 4 new board members, perhaps SBCC staff who live in fear of "speaking out" will come forward and expose Serban for what she is and what she has done.

Take it from one who knows first-hand…

On Santa Barbara Community College Board of Trustees

Posted on August 28 at 4:35 p.m.

This is just the tip of the iceberg…if the public truly knew about all the corruption and shady goings-on in the "Serban administration" they would rise up and make that do-nothing board dump her in a heartbeat. They have bought her lies completely. She is poison and should never have been hired in the first place. Keep digging, Marty, and encourage others to do the same. There's a whole lot of corruption and dirty dealing going on up there on the hill…Better yet, talk to one of the many educators who has departed ("retired"??) and find out just how Serban runs her show…

On Blum Takes Off Gloves

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