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Posted on June 26 at 11:21 p.m.

In the 1950s I made 100s habitats for condors in the Los Padres National forest, some that are on Condor Ridge. Condor Ridge because of the condors that would lineup sitting on trees and bushes I put there for them to rest on, high enough for the big cats and foxes would not get the condors. Some of the habitats for condors were initially stocked with mice by the U.S. Forest Service for the condors to have a food supply. That started 50 years ago, being sneaky so that the "nature" people would not have a chance to object.
By the way, the condor scare of the 1980s and 1990s was not a shortage of condors, it was a man hiring people to scare the condors off their normal nests and roosts and then he went and counted the nests and roosts as empty- to get government contracts. I saw the snowy plovers being "planted" in the Guadalupe Dunes. After recording one nesting season's nest as being occupied two people,the next nesting season, scared off the snowy plovers and counted the empty nest and report the species as endangered- a scam to get money.

On Making the Los Padres Even More Wild

Posted on June 26 at 10:55 p.m.

Hey, Cutie, I am the kid that planted those trees and bushes and some flowers in the 1920s for Huguette, with a little help one time from that classy Huguette getting down on her knees to help me plant some flowers one time in a dress that your father remarked that it cost her $512! I spotted you a few times but you ran away and hid or whatever. Huguette said to me to be quiet while you playing the piano so that you would not know anybody knew you were in the house. Naughty you was not naughty to Huguette. I liked your father. And the others that worked there. The housekeeper showed me the room where Huguette had given them the use of the big south-east room in back just to fold the linens. With much pride Huguette showed me her dolls. You talked about not seeing the Clarks anymore. Huguette disowned them legally in a court in Santa Barbara, I watched the court proceeding. Afterwards I picked up after she was done giving out some dollar bills on State Street to those she thought needed it. Another time she did not recognize then-mayor Abbott and tried to give him a dollar. When he tried to refuse she thought he really needed more so she tried to give him two dollars. He saw that she was not going to give up so he said thank you and walked on. He gave me the two dollars to put it in her house but I gave it to your father put it someplace where she would think she had mislaid it, hopefully. Bye,for now.

On Huguette Clark 1906 – 2011

Posted on April 13 at 9:52 a.m.

Equal opportunity under the law has not been violated- nobody was allowed on the beach. They are complaining only because of the publicity that the beach was closed made it impossible to sell tickets and then say they were stopped- they would have kept the money without the expense of actually holding the event. Two types of people are surfers- those that would give you the shirts off their backs and the floatopia surfers that would steal the milk out of a mother's breast. That is low,

On Beach Ban Sinks Floatopia Again, but Deltopia Rages On

Posted on October 18 at 6:33 a.m.

Diversity, yes. The exploration parties that brought the Catholic Church were made up of religious people and their staff from Spain AND France AND Italy AND Germany- not the one culture some mexicans are trying to make the fiesta into. They talk about war against the Spanish at the time the Spanish were escorting the padres into Santa Barbara UNTIL fiesta time when it is MEXICAN designs of the dresses and mexican food that is supposed to be from the Spanish-they say. No more from the cultures from the other places that the original padres were born and raised in. The same boring result can happen if limits are placed on building if a few tell everybody to build only the one way- their way. The mexicans have made fiesta so much theirs that I do not want to see the same thing every time. I hope that diversity can bring great surprises to all in Santa Barbara.

On B Is for Boring

Posted on October 5 at 3:23 a.m.

One idea about children's health in american society now- many of the so-called "poor" minorities have gotten so powerful that some of their characteristic behaviours are causing health problems, but nobody dare say anything. Like the violence in Chicago by BLACK kids against each other and others. Say that it is meant to be racist violence so the problem can be worked on. They consider it to be a black race choice- others should say it too to work on it.
Another is Mexican kids getting obese by overeating- it is an inside behaviour that occurs whenever there is the available food supply, no matter in Mexico or in the USA. Say it is a Mexican problem to work on it. They consider it to be their choice, others should say so also.
Keeping quiet while they kill themselves will not help them. Keeping quiet only helps those people receiving money as if they really wanted to solve anything(that would stop them receiving more money).

On Rx: Go Play Outside

Posted on October 4 at 6:20 p.m.

I recommend being cautious about helping any group raise money to buy the properties- they will sell it to a government for a profit, like the Douglas Family Preserve, and put the profit in the bank accounts of the executives of the so-called non-profit.
This article writer tries the scam of the imaginary empty "Naples" to suggest that all that is now threatened and that he is the Saviour Of All
About the Ventura to Santa Barbara I think more fuel-efficient smaller buses between the two places during rush hours with direct drop-off at places of employment. Here in Santa Maria the city transit runs smaller and even smaller busses on some routes that they know will not get many people as riders.
Me, in the last few months I have never seen Santa Barbara use any smaller busses in the hundreds of times I have watched them.
One idea about development- here in Santa Maria and locally to the north, a developer ever is required to build a small park or pay enough to build one nearby. Santa Barbara and Goleta can do the same. On More Mesa the owners know that only a small part(about 25 acres) is feasible to build- get them to make a big part of the rest a pernament preserve gift to the city. That way millions do not have to be raised, to put much money to the environmentalist bank account.

On None

Posted on October 4 at 5:37 p.m.

David Pritchett- You are one very selfish person(?human). I planted all the trees and bushes up there now- but you did not say anything about me! You and the selfish environmentalists have to your own say about credit- about each other! False gods giving praise to other false gods.

On Douglas Family Preserve Improvements Scheduled Next Week

Posted on September 26 at 11:09 a.m.

Oaks at the front. After that there are many maples and willows and eucalyptus.

On Ennisbrook

Posted on September 19 at 12:52 p.m.

I remember your father, Joe Mori, returning to his property after the internment camp. Myself and my mother's father, Frank Silva, met your family there when you all returned, after learning that my grandfather had paid the taxes on the property while he, your father had believed that all had been lost. Those seven that started the class-action lawsuit against the United States wanted to get rich fast, so they lied about the Japanese losing everything. Your father said to that he had to worry about his enemy being the Japanese standing next to him, not the americans. I remember him starting to back to school after coming back. That first day he worried what would happen when he got on the school bus- no problem. The kids greeted him much better than each other. Handshakes and giving names and kids giving him kisses on the cheek, lots of hugs- took about 10 minutes to get the bus started again. The bus driver was having too much fun watching. After listening to him telling me his fears about getting on the bus- tears of happiness ran down my face.

On None

Posted on September 19 at 12:27 p.m.

1. The "242 years before" was when the Spain claimed small bits of land for each settlement, usually no more than 5-10 acres-not huge tracts of land.
2. The first indians in Santa Barbara, Chumash, were runaway slaves running from another Chumash tribe who had conquered their settlement in the Santa Ynez. The Catholic Church(the mission) gave them shelter. The violent Chumash tribe who had enslaved them chased them to the mission and left after learning there was no way the Catholics and the Spanish would give them back what they considered their slaves, who they had beaten and raped when they invaded the Santa Ynez Valley. It is the current Chumash of the santa Ynez Valley who have lied about their being oppressed by the white man(their racist term), especially the Spanish- to influence out of towners who do not know any actual history of the good Chumash-Spanish history.

On The 40 Years that Shaped Santa Barbara: 1782-1822

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