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Posted on June 25 at 2:23 p.m.

I think anytime any public official uses the media to go on the defensive; it's telling that they are trying to spin a tale to avoid telling the public the truth.

That is really the larger issue in this awful clamity.

It really has little to do with the individuals involved any longer.

However I was initially against the idea of Lynn suing the County for wrongful termination and I now favor that approach.

I do so because every media story has both Dudley and Bramsen chaning their tale and is riddled with inconsistencies, inaccuracies and contradictions.

The most telling piece of evidence for me if I were sitting on a jury is the fact that Lynn was locked out of the County computer system on Friday, or well before Dudley claims she did not order Bramsen to fire Lynn.

The latter claim by Dudley is just completely and totally laughable. LMAOOO.

What reasonable person would ever believe that tall tale?

On Josh Lynn Terminated

Posted on June 25 at 11:26 a.m.

Well Spacey really ... when these Dudley political machine hacks proclaim under orders from Dudley that there is absolutely no cost whatsoever whenever the County Supervisors are holding a public meeting ... well, you know, no need to repeat the obvious.

On Dudley Sworn In

Posted on June 25 at 11:05 a.m.

I cannot support this new TAX.

1. Too much public money was wasted in the last four years to warrant picking the taxpayer pockets for more public money.
2. The DA has been caught lying about their case load and therefore crime statistics are being inflated so I don't believe we need more jail beds.
3. If the deputy DA and the deputy Sheriff unions agree to concessions in reducing their highly lucrative retirment and benefits perks and apply that difference to offsetting the cost of a new jail; then there might be more support among the public for a new jail.

However overall given these times, any new TAX proposal will be soundly defeated. The People simply won't stand for more wasteful spending.

On A 1/2 cent Tax for a New Jail...

Posted on June 25 at 9:54 a.m.

This is a way for the cash-strapped DA Office to shake down people out of their money.

And the DA Office has been caught lying about their case statistics by inflating the situation to justify the Board of Supervisors covering a $900,000 budget deficit in that department.

I'm afarid that things will only get worse with Dudley as the department head given that she lied about her role in firing Josh Lynn.

On Wrong Kind of Dough

Posted on June 25 at 9:33 a.m.

The County in the last 4 years has wasted enough money to have built that darn jail up north.

So I am voting NO because of all the wasteful spending that is currently taking place in County government.

However now that Michael Brown is leaving maybe the County can rebound back to a time when we were operating efficiently.

Instead the County is broke. Thanks Michael Borwn.

So my vote is NO on any more money until you learn how to spend what you have in the right way.

On Sheriff Pushes for New North County Jail

Posted on June 25 at 7:48 a.m.

Good grief the more arrogance I experience from these simple-minded Dudley political machine hacks, the more I am giving serious thought to joining the Dudley Recall movement.

And when or if I join, the Dudley Recall will gain instant traction.

Maybe you Dudley political machine hacks need to resort to lesser types of intellectual discourse rather than trying to engage with those of us in higher circles.

On Dudley Sworn In

Posted on June 25 at 7:44 a.m.

No matter what the Board does when they meet it definitely costs money.

Dihhuhhh guess who is paying for all the utilities and salaries of all those people on the public payroll who are gathered? Duhhhuhhhh LMAOOOO

I swaer some of these people who advocate for a dumbing down of government are just too much, LOL

But here is the real question and issue: Was it necessary to hold a swaering-in ceremony? Dudley was only appointed interim DA to replace Bramsen. And Dudley was already a sworn-in County employee.

So please explain the lavish elaborate dog-and-pony show and why it had to take place in the first place.

Here is the answer: The swearing-in ceremony was completely unnecessary and was simply a political promotional event held at the expense of public money irregardless of how much it cost ... and yes there are costs ... for you to say it is free only shows how little you know of governmental operations that are all paid for by the public.

On Dudley Sworn In

Posted on June 25 at 6:46 a.m.

Here is another weak link in this sordid Dudley mess.

Michael Brown authored the Board letter to authorize a lavish, elaborate but unneccasry swearing-in ceremony for Dudley.

If my sources have the correct information, Michael Brown will be given an early retirement bonus when he leaves in october.

Here is the problem: The only legal loophole (and it is pathetic that public servants find loopholes to screw the public out of more public money) is that state law only allows a maximum of 170 paid hours for a public employee agreeing to accept an early retirement bonus or they must forfeit that bonus.

There isn't any doubt Michael Brown has already been paid for more than 170 hours from the time he signed an agreement to retire.

Michael Brown is no longer eligible to receive the highly lucrative early retirement bonus.

On Dudley Sworn In

Posted on June 25 at 2:08 a.m.

I was initially against the wrongful termination lawsuit but I have changed my mind because of the manner in which the Dudley supporters attempted to intimidate bloggers.

They are using County-owned computers to post their toxic threats against anyone who dares question Dudley's dishonesty with the public about her role in firing Lynn.

I hope that Lynn not only sues the County for wrongful termination but also adds civil rights violations as well.

Only a lawsuit can bring out the truth through Discovery and with the ability to place Dudley under Oath before a judge and jury.

And it is the truth that the public deserves.

On Dudley Sworn In

Posted on June 24 at 7:30 p.m.

I agree Eckermann.

Let's take a break from this with the knowledge that Dudley was not truthful with the public about her role in the firing of Lynn.

That is my issue -- the public always deserves the turth from any public official.

On Dudley Sworn In

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