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Posted on November 18 at 11:54 a.m.

Not sure why the EDC is targeting conservation minded "Catch & Release" Fly Fishermen & Women? They are the least of Southern California's Steelhead worries.
Ironically another Environmental group sued the Ca. Fish & Game a few years back regarding the stocking practices. This is why the Upper Santa Ynez River is not stocked with hatchery rainbow trout. The problem is, you can still fish it and "Take" 5 fish a day.. My guess would be that the wild or native hold over fish would be taken now. (those coming up from Lake Cachuma)..
Here is an idea; instead of having the EDC spend time & $$ fighting the "Catch & Release" crowd, why don't they pay for a Game Warden's Salary for 1 year. I bet that would have more of a positive impact on So. Cal Steelhead, as poachers are still going to poach regardless of closure!!

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